Sunday, June 21, 2009

No rest for the wicked.

Yestertuesday, my sister and her daughter arrived from The Land of the Merlion. We haven't seen each other since forever ago when a couple of my siblings and I visited her family there last March. Stoked to be seeing their beautiful faces, I was part of the entourage who volunteered to brave the roads at 4 in the morning to pick them up at the airport. Famous to my family as being a creature of the night (or early morn), when I own the moment, Papa the Rolling Stone tasked me with making like a rooster and waking them all up from their slumber. I do as I am told -- shaking bodies, irritating voice and all, disturbing their peace and depriving them of sleep. They roll out of bed, bleary eyed and throaty voiced as they scramble off to their respective bathrooms hurrying to get ready.

As we leave the house, annoying habits emerge. Nail biting, finger tapping, lip biting, tongue clucking as we anxiously await their arrival. We look at the terminal, not once blinking as we search the near-empty area for a familiar face. Suddenly, my eyes focus on on two lone figures. Their faces are covered half-way by masks -- a must for travelers thanks to the A(H1N1) pandemic. My heart thumps, my breath catches. "They're hereeee!" I scream when I'm sure it's them. As they spot us, a feeling of rightness takes place. Completion. We hug, we kiss, we laugh as all of us try to dim out the sappiness of the moment -- no Pamandanan is sappy. As this is happening, Hugh Grant's speech from Love Actually plays on my mind. Airports truly are one of the happiest places on earth.

We load their luggage and we ride the car, all as if nothing has ever happened. We pick up right where we left off. We stop by a McDonald's, break our fast, and head home. As we arrive, the house becomes alive with laughter and merriment. The dogs are excited, the house help are excited, we're excited.

Our bodies soon feel the fatigue as days of preparation decide to take it's toll. We are lucky, for the visitors feel the need to rest as well -- thanks, red-eye. We wake up, not so long after just closing our eyes. The day awaits!

None of us are that eager to venture outside the confines of our home, but 2 of my sisters and I have been wanting to chop off our hair. Goodbye, long locks. You've been a friend, but the heat is infernal and I need to take refuge where I can.

The evening found us at my Aunt's dining room, shamelessly finishing her grocery stock. We looked at old photos and did more catching up before beautiful dawn called on us and good manners dictated that we allow our Aunt and her family to rest.

On that note, I'm allowing my fingers to rest and will get back to you with more updates on the morrow. DVDs, I hope you're ready to damage my eyes even more.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Succubus Mum

I just finished reading the latest book on Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series and I am left with a thousand of spoiler-ish questions that I presume the author would not answer.

Before you look at me that way, yes, I dare speculate, COULD A BABY BE ON THE WAY FOR G & S?! Man, I hope so.

Aside from the fact that I LIVE vicariously through the characters in the novels I do so love to read, I just wish to put a damper on the whole Seth-Maddie nuptials. Yes, kinda bitchy. But I'm team Georgie all the way! Besides, I'd like to see how new roomie -- and ex boyfriend -- Roman would deal with the pregnant succubus... as well as how her demon friends, and angelic one, would respond. I have a little part of me that's shipping for Georgina and Carter (you can't get more star-crossed than that!), and well, all hope is not lost yet.

To stress the point more about Nyx's version of Georgina's future... I gotta say I'm not convinced that G getting Godiva was purely coincidental.

I guess I just have to wait for the next book, out April 2010, to satiate my curiosity. Ugh. It cannot come out soon enough.

On the bright side, The next Vampire Academy is out August! YAY!

Dorka-dork dork,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Friday, I'm In Love.

There's nothing that warms the heart more than a pup that's only got love to give. Cats may be less maintenance, but who says high maintenance is a bad thing? Dogs are loyal and sweet -- and indeed, man's best friend.

My good friend, Alyssa, had to go out of town for a few days and had nowhere to leave her precious new toy poodle, Friday. Wanting to help out, I offered to let Friday share the house with my sibling's shitzu, Kiwi, and my lhasa apso, Nana (because really, they're the masters of the house).

We expected to enjoy having Friday over, what none of us expected was to fall in love. Friday has managed to creep his way into our little hearts and has firmly demanded to stay there.

Just to share with you kiddies the adorable-ness that is Friday, here's a picspam:

View all of the pics, in raw form, over at my multiply!

Peace & All good things,