Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From Spain, With Love

You've Got Mail... Look at what arrived from the post today! 2 Postcards. Letters, written longhand. All the way from Espana. This made my day. Just what I needed after a stressful past week. Ate Niccole, I love you.

Work & Life

Some days, I feel like collapsing on a heap of pillows in my bed from the sheer amount of stress and exhaustion of having to deal with life's daily curbs and roadblocks. What they forget to teach you in school is how to handle the tiny things that could potentially make or break a situation that you find yourself in. You could be a good person, filled with good intentions, and find yourself in between the proverbial rock and hard place, having to make a tough decision and just closing your eyes and hoping to God that whatever your choice may be, it turns out for the best.

Things don't always turn out as you hope or expect them to, and there's almost always nothing you can do about it. You could be blessed with a calmness that may ultimately help you make the big choices in life, but apart from that, you stand naked in front of a world that is waiting for you to do something humiliating and mock-worthy. There's no cure for this, no medicine that could be taken, drug to be popped. You can't numb the feeling with alcohol or plain indifference. There's no escaping life, much as you sometimes want to.

Do you know that feeling? Do you remember it? When the world stretches so far before you and just seeing it is exhilarating and scary, but it's there. And it beckons. It's calling to you, so clear and so wonderful that it is impossible not to heed it. You know that following the path is dangerous and filled with so many uncertainties but that neither reinforces your decision nor changes it. It's just something that must be dealt with; it can't be avoided. You start to play the hand you're dealt, and you can either bet big and get bigger rewards, or you can play it safe and continue on as you are.

Knowing my nature, it's safe to assume I'm not one to gamble. I tend to play by the rules and keep the road as smooth as possible. I am risk-averse and I do things I'm told. So few of the choices I've made have been centered on realities and truths that I myself hold -- it is almost greatly influenced by something else. It doesn't have to be people, sometimes it could be something as menial as a comforting thought. I've been happy in a way because I am not overly happy. I didn't know any better.

However, as time passed, as have opportunities, I find myself opening up to greater possibilities, far bigger than those I have looked to in the past. I took to writing seriously, far different from the horrid, angst-filled pieces of my youth and I've recently started up a small but profitable business with a family friend. Things have been going really well, and I am damn proud, but at the same time, the toll it has taken rears its ugly head.

The collapse of order has definitely made itself present in my life, and the people around me are paying the price. I feel terrible, even if I know they want to help, but the added weight to their shoulders is not something to take lightly. Whether it be time for friends, extra burden for my family, or something else entirely, I am not one to rest easy knowing that something I have done has caused distress.

However, in work, and life, I have realized that you can't do anything half-way unless you're willing to be half happy. Sometimes, doubts arise.... but you can never second guess yourself. Doubt in all else, but never yourself. The little things that make up the big things are important.... but you have to do what you have to do. Just tread on and do what you think is right. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is churlish to complain when I am so blessed.

The most important thing to remember is... the weight is a gift.

Bask in it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

No Place Is Safe

How cute is my dad for commenting this? I still died however. Don't want Father dearest to think any such thing is going on in my life!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hihihi. The servers are finally open! Been trying to register since Pottermore was announced, to no luck. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Criela's post about being able to register. Yay!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skinny Sweets

Now taking orders for our Sugar-free, Vegan, Low-Fat and Low-Cal Red Velvet Cake Pops (comes coated in either Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate!)

Enjoy this moist, delicious, and guilt-free dessert for only Php50 a pop!

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Photographer: Raleene Cabrera
Models: Julienne Templonuevo and Jennifer Cederstam
Location: Heima, Makati branch.
Last photo c/o Heima's Twitter.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hate Parade

Some people deserve to rot in the deepest, darkest, pit of hell.

A link to THIS man's facebook ALBUM went viral earlier today when he tried to make this violent crime a laughing matter. Thankfully, most of his friends called this moron out on his idiocy.

Honestly, this is one of the sickest and cruelest things I've ever seen. And the butthead intended this to induce laughter.

According to Dante, in the deepest circle of hell, there is no fire, no brimstone; just the utter inability to move. I think it's a fitting punishment for this vile, vile creature. Let's see how he likes feeling completely helpless and held against his will.

Please do your part and report this asswipe.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Lot of No String Benefits

DISCLAIMER: I have never been, nor will I ever find myself in this scenario. This idea was borne out of countless talks about hypothetical relationship scenarios with my good friends. Everything stated here was also concocted in my brain and any similarity to somewhere else is pure coincidence or cliche.

A Lot Like Love, No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits. We've all seen the films, read the books; we know how it plays out. Guy meets girl, guy hits on girl, guy is met by a scathing but hilarious retort, guy realizes girl would make a funny friend, 7 years down the line, after a lonely night spent with your couple friends talking about relationships, you and your single girl bud decide to get pissed ass drunk and rag about the hassles of being in a committed relationship. You then start to say that you don't even want a serious relationship, that sometimes, all you really want is a warm body next to yours. She, being the free-thinking, independent woman of this age, agrees with you. You're healthy, intelligent, young, and not bad looking people and you have wants and needs. This is okay, this is normal. This is also a segue into dangerous territories.

Being as close as you are and not wanting to taint this already beautiful friendship with complications and messy emotions, you state stipulations: Booty call starts at so and so, you're allowed to date other people, this is just pure sex and nothing more, one cannot expect the other to perform boyfriendly/ girlfriendly duties, you don't go on dates; you just "hang out", this person can't know anything about the two of you, et al. You are, after all, essentially just using this person's body as a means to an end. You both enter this arrangement willingly and with your eyes open. There are no illusions and you can just as easily go on a double date with said benefiting friend.

The first time is gonna be awkward, for sure. How can it not? This person has never even considered what you look like naked, let alone what sort of things you enjoy doing in bed. The same can be said about he/ she with regards to you. Do you dim the lights, put on some mood music, bring out the candle, do the works? You both laugh absurdly as you realize you don't need any of those. You're comfortable around each other and nothing you ever do will pass judgment. As you reach the first rush of pleasure, your adrenaline kicks up and you just want to enjoy each other's presence at all times. This is, considering the parallels, the "honeymoon" stage of every relationship. It's fresh, it's new, you're experimenting. You're familiarizing yourself with their patterns, with the contours of their body, you want to know how every flesh stretches and clings to each bone, how their skeleton slices through their skin and muscles. God, this is fun. Why didn't you ever consider it before?

Days, weeks, months pass and you settle into this routine of substituting sex with love. You're both content. You'd even go so far as to say you were happy. Once you reach this conclusion, and I kid you not it's ALWAYS as you reach this conclusion, one of two things happen:

1.) One of you realizes that neither of you are dating. Who knows how this piece of information reaches said person's brain -- someone could have pointed it out, you could have come into it on your own, whatever. Point is, you completely misunderstand this as falling into a relationship that neither of you wanted to begin with and you pull away. As far away from the other person as possible. With your fast disappearance without so much as a goodbye, you leave that other person hurt and baffled and confused.

2.) One of you realizes they're madly in love with the other. Again, this can be triggered by anything: a need to be present in every nook and cranny of the other's life, you get uncomfortable when you see the person flirting with someone who is not y-o-u, or, and this is the worst possible way of realizing the depth of your emotions, you fear losing them when someone who is willing to give them something better appears in their life. Of course, at one point, someone is going to find a partner sooner than the other. The world thinks it's funny that way.

Either way, you're screwed. You can't go back to being just friends but you certainly cannot move on to something better. Once things go awry, the last thing you want to do is set off another bomb, so you think that just keeping your distance would be the lesser evil. Coming to terms with the failure of this endeavor is almost as difficult and painful as realizing that it was an idiotic idea to begin with.

In the end, all you're left with is one, if not two, broken hearts with no idea where to begin to mend. Is it with the loss of a grand friendship? Is it the loss of a promise of a wonderful love? Is it with the loss of the person per se? Or is it the acceptance of your failing as a friend?

After days of denial and unbearable pain, you look at the rubble of the mansion you both destroyed and you take one lesson with you: It is never a good idea to enter a sexual relationship with your friend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tucker Max

I've been hanging out with my guy friends a lot these past few weeks and I've heard them drone on and on ad nauseum about the brilliance of Mr. Tucker Max. I normally wouldn't give anything the guys say much thought as it is composed of your usual discussion of computer games and lengthy recounting of exploits with women of ill repute. However, when my guy friends recommend a writer to me and make me feel like an irresponsible reader, I'll take pause and do some research.

Tucker Max exploded to internet fame back in 2002 when he started an online blog about his various sexual escapades. His candor and inability to censor names from his various entries have captured the interest of so many of today's young professionals and youth that what began as a bet has now turned into a world-wide phenomenon. He was immediately offered a book deal (I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell) which subsequently got turned into a movie. His second book, Assholes Finish First, was released 2010.

With my interest piqued, I searched for his infamous blog and familiarized myself with the tone of Tucker's writing. His work is amusing, very often hilarious, and entertaining in a smarmy bastard sort of way. He revels in his douchebaggery and basks in his asshattery that one can not help but tip their hats to his self-praising and self-congratulatory tone. Surely, that amount of confidence took years to cultivate. His lack of concern for others inspires laughter and you immediately feel as if he is entrusting you with friendship. Reading Tucker's words feels too much like sitting at a bar with a friend, listening to him brag about the amount of sex he's been having.

However, almost immediately after reading each story, I felt the need to go up to "my friend" Tucker and give him a hard beating. Sure, while ensconced in the safety of his words, I laughed. But when you stop to think that this sick sod actually DID this to someone out there, it just isn't as funny. One can argue that these people had it coming. Anyone who treats his work like a bible, looks up to him, and/ or wishes to emulate him should have seen him screwing them over as far as 50 miles away. Really? No one with self-respect would actually take the crap Tucker says seriously.

His wit and ability to paint stories aside, Tucker Max is one of the biggest misogynists, chauvinists, and sexists ever known to mankind. His blatant disrespect and objectification of women is offensive to the extreme and while he is, indeed, funny, he is also scum of the earth. Ladies, sleeping with Tucker will not elevate you to God-like status in the eyes of the universe. It will only up the possibilities of you getting STDs.

So in conclusion, it is okay to enjoy Mr. Max's work in an ironic shake-your-head-while-laughing-at-his-stupidity-while-saying-"Oh, Tucker" sort of way. Any other way would be adding to the fast-increasing idiocy that has befallen our world.