Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Post with 2 Titles

In other words, “A Beacon of Light” and “Dancing In the Rain”

Today, I danced in the rain with my brother and – and more importantly – my mum. As I type, my hair is still dripping wet from the warm shower I had immediately taken as soon as I finished dancing, molding my tshirt to my back.

You’re probably wondering how “A Beacon of Light” would serve as an appropriate title here. But I won’t expound further than this:

For now, all I want is to give thanks for all of life’s small mercies; A safe lighthouse in an otherwise vast and stormy sea, for example, or dancing in the rain with your mother in spite of a turbulent relationship.

So today, I give thanks. Thanks to the rain. And thanks to hope.

Rain girl,

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