Friday, September 24, 2010


My best-kept secret: My anonymous tumblr has once again proven that I am the second coming of...

... the devil. Actually I prefer to be called 'Ruler of All That is Evil', but I WILL answer to Satan.


A philandering ad guy who drinks all day on the job, a misanthropic medical mastermind who pops Vicodin like candy, a high school chemistry teacher who cooks meth and outsmarts Mexican drug cartels—just a few of the characters that top the list of television’s top bosses.

Don Draper
Jon Hamm | "Mad Men"

Don Draper plays by his own rules, a true “man’s man.” He is a successful debonair badass with the confidence of a prizefighter and the liver of a Kennedy. Draper spreads the love all around. When he isn’t sleeping with his secretaries, he promotes them –well- one. Draper is human of course, he is introspective, he cries, he screams, he carries catholic guilt around with the best of them. At the end of a long day, or the beginning of one, Draper will be the boss to sit down and pour you a drink; just don’t make a habit of going to lunch with him.

Ari Gold
Jeremy Piven | "Entourage"

Ari Gold is something of an anomaly; A Hollywood super agent who is young, quick witted, unflinching, and merciless, yet funny, amiable, loyal, and a family man. Ari is a verbal assassin with retorts quicker than a bullet train. Whether it is an assistant or colleague no one is safe. Ari is an equal opportunity lender when is comes to handing out verbal lashings. Who else can tell their assistant “I will choke you out with a strap on” and still be charming?

Walter White
Bryan Cranston | "Breaking Bad"

Walter White is the wild card of the list; A high school chemistry teacher cum cancer victim cum meth chemist extraordinaire. Boss of one, White and his protégé Jessie Pinkman outsmart drug dealers, take down Mexican drug lords, and transform the meth trade in New Mexico. A desperate man’s modern film noir hero—White means well…sort of.

Dr. Gregory House
Hugh Laurie | "House"

House is an amalgamation of sorts. The good Doctor is a medical wizard with the razor sharp wit and sarcasm of Ari Gold, the ego and impatience of Don Draper, and the couth of Larry David. Being employed by House not only means you get to solve medical mysteries, but you also get to break into people’s houses and go through their stuff.

Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin | "30 Rock"

Ol’ JD is the epitome of alpha male; A smooth talking mellowed out version of Gordon Gekko. Jack came from modest South Boston, attended Ivy League Schools, and rose to VP of Television at GE. Taking a note from Hemingway, Jack climbed Kilimanjaro, bow hunted Polar bears, and sparred with Chuck Norris. With elocution slicker than Obama, Jack’s retorts are so breathtakingly hilarious you would almost think they were crafted by the writers at SNL.

Dr. Cal Lightman
Tim Roth | "Lie To Me"

Cal Lightman’s covert near death FBI contracted escapades have given hope to thousands of hopeless undergraduate psychology students everywhere. The fact that he is a human lie detector who can read micro facial expressions is probably not fantastic if you work for him or are related to him or have any sort of dealings with him whatsoever-but it makes for great television.

Michael Scott
Steve Carrell | "The Office"

Michael Scott is a loser whose jokes always backfire. He is annoying, immature, offensive, and conceited. Many people, at one point or other, have had terrible jobs with terrible bosses. After work, the television goes on to dull the pain of our feckless workday. It’s odd that after a rough day at the office the first thing we want to watch is “The Office.” Secretly, we all really want Michael Scott as our boss.

George Christopher
Ted Danson | "Bored To Death"

George Christopher is the farcical bon-vivant New York magazine mogul who leaves you scratching your head as to how he became so successful. He smokes dope, drinks too much, parties to much, shows hints of insecurity, and is constantly trying to stay relevant. Christopher is the type of boss who is pretty much up for anything, a true partner in crime.

Notable Mentions:

Roger Sterling (John Slattery “Mad Men”)

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard “True Blood”)

Steve Buscemi (Enoch “Nucky” Thompson “Boardwalk Empire“)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photodump: September

To compile some memories of a truly kind September.

Criela and I took ourselves to Izakaya for Jill's despedida. We later found ourselves eating at Jade Palace. (:

Criela, Myself, Chris, Jenn and AM at Ponti's Back to Cool Saturdays

Kalvin and I at Casa de Pamandanan

One of my favorite guys to date, Kalvin, and I at Resort's World.

Mariz, Jenn and I waiting for the valet to arrive.

A grandma at Republiq. I was so exhausted from work and trying to unwind. Irony, you're cruel!

24 hour Shakeys! One from the myriad of dates Criela and I have. I read a book and kept her company as she studied.

Back to Cool Saturdays with Criela.

If she were a guy, she'd probably be my bf. (:

TJ's date with Criela!

Guess who followed... Mykee Dy! Mr. Kyra Relampagos, my kompare, and the father of my godson.

Buffalo Tenders. Mmmm.

A moment in your lips, forever on your hips fries. But they're delicious.

Let's fall in food.

I'm ready to burst at the seams!

Took my cousin, Drop, to Kalv's birthday. Everyone, save for me, got pissed drunk. Biblical.

Had lunch, merienda and dinner with my komares and kompares.

There you have it. My September in a nutshell.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Current Stars Recreate Classic Roles

The idols of next decade pose as icons of the last...

Douglas Booth & Kaya Scodelario are...
Mrs & Mrs Smith (2005)
DOUGLAS BOOTH... is John Smith

Followers of fashion may recognise Douglas from his ad campaigns for Burberry, where he posed alongside Harry Potter girl Emma Watson. In real life, he’s quite dapper too (“He’s got a really good look,” coos one of the make-up girls at our shoot).

Having recently worked on ‘the TV event of 2010’, as mini-series The Pillars Of The Earth has been branded (it’s a 12th Century epic drama produced by Tony and Ridley Scott), he can be seen on the big screen next year in From Time To Time, a ghost story spanning two centuries that also stars Dame Maggie Smith, Dominic West and the lovely Carice van Houten.

It was van Houten who started talking Booth up to Hollywood agents, prompting a flurry of offers to represent him. He’s heading back to LA immediately after our shoot.

“There does seem to be an awful lot of meetings these days,” he observes. Probably a lot more to come, Douglas.

KAYA SCODELARIO... is Jane Smith

“I’m channelling my inner Angelina,” claims Kaya Scodelario as she pouts and poses outrageously for our photographer Tom (no, seriously, you should see the outtakes…).

When not vamping it up, Kaya has built herself quite a following for her work on Skins as Effy Stonem. She also had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it turn in Moon last year as Sam Rockwell’s daughter (“I had to put on an American accent… it was embarrassing!”) and there are more big screen adventures ahead. You can catch her in the fantastical Clash Of The Titans this spring where she plays Princess Andromeda’s handmaid, Peshet.

Then comes the somewhat earthier Shank, which sounds to us like a kind of futuristic Kidulthood. “It’s set in South London, I play Tasha. She’s out for revenge,” says Kaya. Warring gods, inner Angelinas, out for revenge…

Is danger your middle name, Kaya? “It might be if you print those outtakes.”

James Corden is...
Harry Potter, Harry Potter Series (2001-2011)
He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s clearly a nice bloke. And he’s going to be big in Hollywood. As well as his TV career, the Gavin & Stacey star has proven he can cut it as credible film actor.

No, we weren’t thinking Lesbian Vampire Killers so much as his nuanced performance in Joe Meek biopic Telstar, where he played drummer Clem Cattini. Next year we’ll see Corden in the new adap of Gulliver’s Travels, decked in dodgy period attire.

It’s OK, he likes dressing up. Corden really wanted to be Harry Potter, for example.

“I was just trying to think of something big that would get me my own page!” he jokes.

Hannah Murray is...
Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
Student life, eh? Lie-ins, cheap beer and dodgy bands galore… unless you’re Hannah Murray. Between lectures and lessons at Cambridge (where’s she’s studying English) she’s managed to fit in two films coming your way shortly.

First up is Womb, the English language debut from Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf. The clone thriller also stars Eva Green and new Doctor Who Matt Smith. (Murray was rumoured to be the Doctor’s new companion but, frankly, we don’t know when she’d find the time.) She’s also completed Chatroom, (in which jaded teenagers egg each other on, online). She stars alongside Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson.

“I’ve been lucky to fit in both films between term times,” acknowledges Murray who also admits to “a new-found respect” for Renée Zellweger. “Posing sitting down without leaning back on your arms is much harder than it looks!” she laughs.

Tamsin Egerton is...
Alice, Closer (2004)

“You know, I’ve turned down quite a few lingerie campaigns and men’s magazines,” says Tamsin Egerton. “But here I am in my underwear. It’s only because Total Film is quite prestigious…”

Flattery will get you everywhere, Tamsin (but what’s with the ‘quite’?). Egerton will shortly be seen in St Trinian’s 2 and then alongside Nick Frost in the Beeb’s adaptation of Martin Amis’ Money, before heading back to the big screen in Noel Clarke’s heist movie

She’s a fan of Natalie Portman (“She has a way of picking parts that are iconic”) and says she was “chuffed to be asked” to recreate Portman’s turn in Closer.

“It doesn’t feel like some ‘sexy shoot’, it’s just a character. And if it’s good enough for Natalie, then it’s good enough for me!”

Rupert Grint is...
Napoleon, Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

“It’s a weird way of growing up,” says Rupert Grint, who’s lived with Ron Weasley for almost a decade. “I’ve obviously missed going to school and stuff, but I’ve just had such an amazing experience.”

Currently shooting the seventh and final instalment of the Potter behemoth, Grint’s been branching out into other projects in 2009 including Wild Target where he plays a hitman’s apprentice, starring with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt, as well as the coming-of-age thriller Cherrybomb.

“Cherrybomb was a real departure. There was a whole transformation – different voice, just a completely different character,” the softly spoken 21-year-old tells us.

We think his transformation is pretty great too, and he’s obviously amused at how he looks: “I was obsessed with it when it came out. I had the t-shirt and everything!”

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is...
Frodo, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster really reminds us of Elijah Wood. Not only do they look alike but, at 19, Brodie-Sangster’s just a year older than Wood when he began principal photography on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Like Elijah, Thomas made an early entry into the movie world, making his debut as the lovelorn 11-year-old Sam in Love Actually, following it up with roles in Nanny McPhee and The Last Legion.

Next up this year, he’s playing Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy which tells the story of John Lennon’s childhood. In 2010, look out for him in TV movie AWOL (aka Anywhere But Here) which he’s currently shooting in Manchester (where we met him for this shoot).

We reckon he’s destined for big things. Any parts going in The Hobbit, Mr. Jackson?


Monday, September 13, 2010


Mildly attractive tv teen to Hollywood's sexiest movie star preference:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Shia LaBeouf

This one's a toughie! Personally, I have to say that my heart belongs to young Shia as Louis Stevens ruled over my tv screen. However... these days, I lean towards the mysterious and sexy (as well as mysteriously sexy!) JGL. There's just something about him, don't you think?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's In Your Bag? 1

This seems to be the latest trend and since I have neither the energy nor the time to post something meaningful these days (work tends to burn you out...), I'll just feature my first ever "What's In Your Bag?"

Take note that what I carry around my person changes day-to-day. This is what I brought along with me to the Location Shoot I had today for the indie film my friend is directing.

[Red Bag is from Fino]

[L-R: Sight Clear eyedrops for when my contacts dry up, Solo Care Aqua Contact Lense Solution for when I decide to remove them and wear my glasses, The Body/ Face Shop Tea Tree Oil Concealer for days when I get stupid pimples, and Victoria's Secret Acai Berry & Magnolia cologne.]

[Clockwise: Rayban Clubmaster Shades for when the sun's glare is too much to handle, Eskinol face powder (because it's the only facial powder that doesn't trigger my allergies, Contact Lense case -- just in case, Red Cricket Lighter, Half-Opened Marlboro Reds pack]

[My globe phone whose audio is effed up, my sun phone, bobby pins to keep unruly hair out of my face, and my black headband.]

[Current Read: Catchy Glass's The Girl In The Mirror]

[Top to Bottom: Brush that I got from Mum, My external hard drive -- because you just never know when... and the wallet I bought in SG.

So, that's it for the first edition of "What's In Your Bag?"


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Kick Off

September, be kind!

This month is keeping me busy so I won't be able to update as much as I was updating back in August. Still, I'll try to keep you guys posted.

A few of the things keeping me productive:
1.) I have to finish one hundred articles this month alone. YIKES! Brain, do not fail me.
2.) My friends have been dragging me to places I haven't been in in years.
3.) The shoot for Mack's indie film is wrapping up and the conflicting schedules are preventing everyone from getting together to film the last few scenes (including mine).
4.) I have a P.A. Gig for my Aunt on the 15-17th.
5.) I submitted my CV to ANC truth for an internship.
6.) Wait for further details re: possible YS contribs meeting

While 6 items aren't that plenty, the time and energy consumed within those 6 activities are enough to burn this little girl out.

So, until my schedule opens up,