Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Presidential Elections

Just a rant.

I'm not here to promote my candidate-of-choice nor to lament how he didn't take the crown. No, that would be immature and pointless.

The people have spoken, the candidate with the most votes won. Congratulations. I have no problem with this - we are a democracy, after all. It is nothing personal. We all have our beliefs and to each their own.

I have no problem with the candidate himself, though we might not share the same views. Not once have I singled out a particular candidate, especially him, to slander or bad-mouth. Whatever points I may have made in the past are proven to be facts and not spoken lies spread like wildfire by naysayers.

All I ask in return is for the same kind of civility that we, the supporters of the losing candidates, have shown. Our candidates have conceded, and they have done so with such grace that we owe it to them to bow out in the same manner. Having the supporters of the winning candidate gloat and insult and personally attack us is not making this any easy. What have you to gain from this childish behavior? We've accepted the results, haven't we? Must you force us to say "we voted for the wrong candidate, we apologize"? Because that's not gonna happen. I accept the defeat but I take pride in the fact that I voted for who I believed would be the best candidate.

This is not a popularity contest. And this is DEFINITELY not a chicken fight. We didn't gamble money (though some may disagree), we gambled our future.

I hope desperately that I am wrong about the winning candidate. My being mistaken means all the better for my country. Who doesn't want that? My pride is not so high that I would rather be correct and have my country suffer.


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