Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Post

To everyone who has greeted me a wonderful birthday, thank you. Thank you so much. I'm feelin' the love and it's only 7am!

To those whom I haven't seen nor talked to in ages yet still managed to find some way to let me know they're thinking about me on this very special day, thank you.

To friends I see occasionally who greeted me and made it known that they value my friendship, thank you.

To friends scattered the world over whom, despite the time differences, greeted me 12am my time just so I know they haven't forgotten me, thank you.

To friends that have become family that visited me, talked to me the entire night because they weren't able to be with me in person, who greeted me time and time again on all mediums, thank you. I couldn't ask for a more diverse, witty, intellectually stimulating, and hilarious group of people to call the family that I have made my own.

To family members spread throughout the world who managed to greet me when everyone else was greeting me, thank you. I miss you and I love you so much. You've disproved the saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder. While I do miss you terribly and love you irrevocably, distance had nothing to do with that. I would feel the same way were you sitting beside me at this moment.

To my blood, without whom I wouldn't really be the me you all are greeting, thank you. From the deepest pit of my heart, thank you. Nothing in this world would matter if I didn't have such an amazing support group; a collection of individuals so uniquely their own but manages to complement each other in spite of our differences. You make me so proud.

This day, so far, has been all that is beautiful and I have no one else to thank but you.

Today also happens to be the birthday of 2 very beautiful women I look up to and admire. Alyssa Rellosa, who is such an epic piece of work, and my maternal grandmother, who is quite a character. I am honored to share my birthday with the two of you.

Lola, I know you've moved on to heaven now, but I think about you all the time. Especially today, not just because it is your birthday, but because it is also the day we put you down to rest. You passed on such sage wisdom to my mom, and she inherited your quiet strength that to this day, I am in awe of the grace (pun intended!) in which you both carry yourself. A smarter, stronger, more beautiful woman the world is yet to know. Happy birthday, Lola. I love you.

I'm not fond of birthdays... but I can't deny the infectious cheer you've all brought to mine.

Peace and all good things,


Personalized greetings from friends: [Click images to enlarge]

Iker Casillas greeting card from Kalvin Gaviola

Photobooth greeting from Jenn Enriquez

Henry Cavill and I greeting card by Criela Fragante

Private Facebook message from a Highschool Professor I put through hell!

Facebook wallpost from my crush! HAHA

HAHA! I love these! Keep 'em coming, friends! Keep sending your own personalized greetings, no matter how funny or stupid they look. (:

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