Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cynics

A year later and I still have nothing good to say about the Romantics. The entire film was a disappointment, save for this one bright light: the most honest cinematic conversation of the year.

Laura: I'm sorry.
Lila: It's fine you're just in time
Laura: No, not about the flowers... I saw Tom last night
Lila: That's nice. Did you two get a chance to catch up?
Laura: I found him when he was missing.
Lila: Guess those years as a Girl Scout paid off.
Laura: No he wasn't lost. He was hiding.
Lila: I know all about his meltdown.
Laura: That's not what I mean.
Lila: What DO you mean?
Laura: I mean Tom wasn't alone last night. He was with me. We were together.
Lila: Why are you telling me this right now? This isn't concerning me.
Laura: It ISN'T??
Lila: He's a groom. I'd be concerned if he WASN'T at that the night before his wedding.
Laura: If he was in love with someone else, would THAT concern you?
Lila: Laura, this chapter is over.

Laura: Lila, I love him.
Lila: Yes. And I feel sorry for you.
Laura: You know I've tried to change these feelings... I've done everything! ... other guys ... other Tom's ... other jobs! ... and they say that it gets easier with time but it doesn't! If anything, the more time passes the more I miss him!
Lila: Unrequited love is the perfect romantic construct. It allows two cowardly people to act out a fantasy of love without having to face any real consequences.
Laura: Lila, you KNOW he feels the same way! He ALWAYS has! You know that!
Lila: YOU are my maid of honor!
Laura: Yeah. And I have done everything I possibly can to fulfill that obligation. I thought that I could get through this! I did! But I can't, and he can't either! He doesn't want this either!
Lila: Do you remember sophomore year? The Lit Christmas party where you wore my dress? The red one I bought, ESPECIALLY for the event? You took that too. Without asking. And then when I went to go and get ready for the event, my dress was missing.
Laura: Ugh, you know what? I picked that dress out when we were on Chapel street. We saw it in the window of Nellie's and you remembered. I picked it out and then you went back and you bought it, and I was the EDITOR of Lit. It was MY night, it was MY occasion!
Lila: Or the time I got the Apple tattoo, and then a week later you got the same one.
Laura: You saw me draw that in a 19th century novel okay? And then all of a sudden you show up and you have it branded on your tailbone!
Lila: Freshman, Sophomore, EVERY year of college when I provided you months of METICULOUS notes hours before the finals. You feel entitled to my things BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM!
Laura: Ugh! Fine. You win Lila. You provided me with the meticulous study notes. But you know what? I inspired your best ideas! And when you got together with Tom senior spring, I was still dating him!
Lila: WHY are you doing this to me right now?
Laura: Because you're about to marry a man and I don't think you should.
Lila: You just can't bear to see me happy and so you HAVE to trash it with your emotions!
Laura: No Li, you deserve to be with someone who is in love with you totally and completely.
Lila: How dare you try to pass this off as an act of friendship this is SABOTAGE.
Laura: No! This takes courage!
Lila: COURAGE? That's funny.
Laura: I am not trying to hurt you
Lila: Yes you are. That is your intention. This has nothing to do with Tom, this is about me and you and your ENVY.
Laura: No ... you can't do this to me, obviously I am torn and as your friend I do want what's best for you. But I can't keep putting you ahead of me FOREVER.
Lila: Oh my God you're delusional! You actually believe you're entitled to my fiance! This is not a difficult or complicated situation Laura, this is simple. I won, and you're jealous.
Laura: Jealous? ... mm-mmm ... I pity you. Your Groom is in love with another woman.
Lila: He asked me to marry him. Not you ... All this is certainly tragic. Debatably interesting, but that doesn't really matter anymore because he's marrying me in ten minutes.
Laura: Li, he cheated on you.
Lila: No. You did ...

The only thing I took away from this film is that Katie Holmes is a terrible actress who picks terrible roles. God, I hated her. Her character was so unlikable, I don't know how and why they're trying to pass her off as the protagonist. I don't know why we're supposed to feel sorry for her. The only decent character in this film was Anna Paquin's Lila. She was right, someone had to keep their cool.