Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing House

Get up and go at it, kiddies. It's that time of the year again! Bells are ringing - graduation bells, that is. While older generations (such as my cousin's, ate Kara's) are ready to walk down the aisle and submit to the old ball and chain, people my age are preparing for an altogether different ceremony. We really are growing up.

While other college folk are waiting anxiously for that last bell to signify the start of summer, friends like Ms. Criela Fragante and her batchmates are ready to don those tasseled caps only to throw them up in the air precious hours after.

Meanwhile, I'm currently residing at my sister's abode to house-sit while she and her hubby take a much needed vacation abroad. Daddy offered to lend her a maid, but I wanted to try responsibility on for size.

And that's not all, kiddies. Watch out for Le Maison de Fleur-de-lis -- from the creative genius of Essa Pamandanan and Mack Molina. What is it exactly? Stay tuned.

Prepare to rock out your best clothes! We all know what takes the cake second only to having zero classes when that final bell rings... school-ender parties and get-togethers!

Playing House,

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