Monday, April 5, 2010

Gilded Butterflies

I don't get it.

People spend their entire lives professing a passion for this, a loyalty to that, a belief in this, faith in that, yet continue to disprove it daily with their actions.

Case in point: a devout Roman Catholic who chooses to have intercourse outside of wedlock. Sex is natural, fine, whatever, I don't care what you do and who you do it with, but don't go preaching something you sure as hell don't practice. Don't go screwing men and then pretending to be all high and mighty when faced with an audience. There is absolutely no shame in any of each and every individual's actions - to each their own. Shame lies in the pretentious way you sit in your high horse judging people, admitting to snobbery and close-mindedness, while committing sins you hide beneath a thick veneer of makeup, it's almost impossible to see your true form. Stop trying to breed envy with your lies, you filthy hypocrite. It's disgusting how many people you've fooled.

Are you so lacking in breeding that you've lost all traces of humanity? Are you so dim-witted as to believe everything people teach you? Have you no mind of your own?

There is no love lost between myself and gilded butterflies. I laugh at them, at their all too human folly of believing that appearance is all there is in this world. An act, a stage -- thinking that their lives are the leading roles. Go on, lie to yourself more if it helps you sleep better at night. I hope your subconscious eats at you while your dreams fester into what you so obviously detest.

This post isn't intended to ridicule, it's intended to call you out on your faults. Letting you know that somewhere, someone can see through your masquerade is enough for now. Be afraid, you might not be as clever as you think. I may just be one out of a number of people getting tired of your empty, insubstantial masks.


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