Sunday, July 11, 2010

Behold the Red Fury

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with the worldcup finals. Here were some thoughts I wanted to tweet while watching the game:

- Undeserved Yellow Card for Puyol.
- Sergio Ramos getting a Yellow Card was another WTF moment.
- I want your million pound fingers, Iker. Nice saves.
- 3 Yellow Cards for Netherlands. I demand Red! Poor Xabi received a flying kick to the chest. ):
- ICU Morgan Freeman lookin' all glum.
- Free Kick fail by Netherlands. Ahahaha!
- STAY AWAY FROM PUYOL says the referee. :P
- I spot the FAKED double whammy by Netherlands.
- Keep calm, Xabi love.
- Don't push Xabi, Netherlands! ):
- 4 Yellow Cards and counting for Netherlands.
- Poor Villa! 5 Yellow Cards for Netherlands.
- Referee trying to join in on the game. ROFLMAO.
- Jesus Navas, I feel like you're going to become a Spanish Commodity very soon.
- Casillas is a beasssst! My heart leapt at that almost goal but San Iker made sure to protect Spain.
- Seriously? at that Yellow Card for Capdevila. 3 Yellow Cards for Spain. Blood bath!
- LOL at everyone watching Sergio Ramos head action. Too adorbs for words.
- Iniesta is PISSED.
- Iker, you truly are a saint.
- Do your thing, sexy Cesc!
- I love Xabi's little cheer to Cesc as Cesc Fabregas subbed for him. ( :
- Extra time. Getting nervous!
- Netherlands finally getting a Red Card! ABOUT TIME.
- Another Yellow Card for Netherlands making it an even 6!
- Fernando Torres is in! My baby Nando. ( :
- Angry Iker is sexy. His face during that scary Netherlands free kick was dreamy.
- Iker and his tears of joy. ( :
- Another Yellow Card for Spain. Sergio Busquets making it a 4!
- Baby Nando pulled a hamstring. ) :
- Baby Iker's face while carrying the trophy. (:

I watched the game over at Copper Grill with AM, Kalvin, Mikaela, Smao, Nas, Yas, Chaz, Don, Rid, Markee and Russ. We all had such a blast! AM and I donned red shirts, red headbands, and red lips to show our support. Viva La Furia Roja!

"...sheer talent and a distaste for nastiness can prevail."
- CBS News Sportswriter Chris Matyszczyk on Spain's world cup victory


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