Monday, November 8, 2010

Photodump: October

Oh, October. What a month! Truly one of my favorite months, this is the time of year when my family and I start to get in to the holiday spirit. The breeze is cooler, the rain falls in sheets, and the urge to shop for presents takes hold. Tightly.

In addition to that, October usually signifies the start of the semestral break. Friends holed up in colleges, whether as teachers or as students, take off their closed shoes and let loose.

So to help me recap how I spent this wonderful month, I throw in some photos along with anecdotes.

Kicked off my October bedridden with the flu, so to cheer me up, my fantastic friends Kalvin, Jenn, and Mich took me out to eat at Charlie's the minute I was able to haul my butt out of bed. We planned on maybe hitting the mall after, but my body was crashing after our feast so they dropped me home instead.

Immediately after I regained my strength, I went off to celebrate school's out with friends from UA&P over at Fiamma; a night of debauchery (for them, not me!) for these crazzzyyyy kids. It's been awhile since a large number of us headed off to party together, so knowing that we knew practically everyone there, no one was afraid to get drunk and generally have a gooood time.

Lately, my friends and I find ourselves frequenting Reserve, a liquor bar in the Philippines. Ironically enough, neither Criela, who I am attached to at the hip, nor I consume any form of alcohol, yet there we are week in and week out. These particular set of photos were taken during 2 separate birthday parties - One for our friend, Kyra, and the other for Vito. Unfortunately, Criela found herself succumbing to peer pressure and the tempting lure of alcohol and insobriety. She found herself drinking like a fish at Vito's birthday and, well, needless to say the last photo pretty much speaks for itself.

I've mentioned time and again how Criela and I have numerous dates. In this set of photos, the brat and I decided to head out to get our daily grind. We took our caffeine fix over at Starbucks, Home depot where we snacked on a traditional Oatmeal Cookie and Cinnamon Swirl. Eric, our friend, followed a bit later on. A little after midnight, Vito called and told us he was heading to Reserve with Cocoon, Meng, and J.M. so the three of us decided to follow. After a round of drinks for the boys (while Criela and I drank coke, big surprise there), Criela, Eric and I decided to grab some grub at the 24-hour McDonald's. We took our drinks to Eric's pick-up and talked until the sun came up. I wore purple to honor Spirit Day.

During another occasion, I found myself craving for some caffeine so Jenn and I met up with Chris and headed to a Starbucks near their place. You'll notice I always have a little treat (on this day, I chose to munch on a Cinnamon Roll) to go with my coffee -- it's because I hate having acidity attacks so I take in food to balance the diet.

For quite some time now, I've been sad that they closed down the ice skating rink at Megamall. My siblings and I took ice skating/ figure skating lessons there, and it was a mere 10 minute drive from my place. Ever since seeing The Cutting Edge (starring Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney), I've had a fascination with ice skating. Fortunately, Criela shares the feeling. We've long planned to head over to the Mall of Asia to reacquaint ourselves with the ice but our plans have always been postponed. One day, we just decided to up and go. Since the brat and I are always hungry, we decided to feast on Pancake House's Fried Chicken, Bacon Waffles, and Blueberry Pancakes before taking on the ice.

My siblings and I are famed for our closeness. We receive such high praise from other people because our closeness shocks them -- especially considering our age difference (there's an eleven year gap between the eldest and myself, the youngest). Once you get to see us in action though, it will shed some light on why this is so. My siblings and I are NEVER not teasing, mocking, or poking fun at ourselves, as well as each other. To show you just how tight-knit and ridiculously hilarious we are, here are some photos from the birthday of my eldest sibling, Drei. Celebrated at Elbow room, it was meant for her friends and office mates, and we were only invited as a courtesy. We saw this as an opportunity to joke around, of course, because once you put any of us in a room together, hilarity will surely ensue.

Random photos from occasions I fail to remember:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, wraps up my October.

Here's to hoping that November will be just as kind.


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