Thursday, May 19, 2011

From the minds of babes.

Here's a short story my 8 year old niece wrote over the span of 2 hours, while sipping her frappucino. How amazing is she? Babs, you are so talented. I love you. I'm so proud of you!

Disclaimer: Spelling and grammar mistakes are hers. Phrases/Concept/Whatnot are all hers as well. Absolutely no editing on my part.

Dreams or Premonition

“Haha!” The evil laugh of the murderer echoed around the house. I panted and shrieked for my parents and siblings. I went into my room and I saw my brother at the corner of my room, crying. As I walked towards him and came to a sudden halt. I heard the laugh once more. This time, louder than ever. I turned around and saw the murderer. He had a smirk on his face. He wore a black jacket and it was filled with bloody knives. He was about to choke me when I heard my mom.

“Amy! School!” I turned sideways and next thing I knew, I was flat on the floor. I scuryed out of bed and dashed downstairs,. I could smell the aroma of the overcooked but crunchy bacon. I must have had a nightmare. I blabbed about my dream and it sounded like the continouese of my previous dream I prepared my clothes for school and headed off.

Once at school, I met up with my usual friends, telling them about the dream. Adam said, “Amy! Remember the guns and cap before and before that, the bag and glass mirror? Now, it’s the jacket and the knives, all were covered in blood! Amy, I think that you are in danger. Someone in school is a murderer!!!! We have to figure it out!” I made the crazy sign with complete disbelief. I looked at Macey for support but she was already nudging me! I must have been too upset with Adam to notice that she was taking Adam’s side. I said without thinking, though it was in a harsh tone, “Fine, let’s investigate!”

We kept talking until we reached Science class. I stared into space thinking about the dream. The bell rang and finally, I was back to reality.

I walked back home endlessly thinking about the dream. I though of someone, who hates me, loves to wear black and red and is amazed by guns, knives, broken mirrors and death? Gina!

I was not able to sleep that night with the possibility of dying while sleeping? No way!

The next few days were tiresome. I did not see Macey for about a month and Adam broke an arm. Our Science teacher, Professor George gave us tons of shomework and asked me to go for extra classes. I was bored to death!

It was the coldest day of the week and I saw Gina in her reddest and blackest outfit ever and a cap with a sharp knife on it. She laughed loudly at the sight of me. Ugh! She must have found out about my extra classes. I entered the lab.

It was getting colder and my eyelids were getting heavier. A sudden laugh had awoken me. It was the same evil laugh I heard in my dream. I looked around and nobody was there. Gina. I ran and ran until I reached my house. The doors were locked, the windows! I climbed the slippery ledges of the window, panting.

The house was unbelievably quiet. This was the dream, but in real life. I looked around, wondering where Gina was. I remember now, my room. Once again, there was my brother. But now, he was bloody dead. He wore a deathly pale face. Tears found its way down my face. “HAHAHAHA!” There came the laugh once more. I turned around only to see that it was not Gina but it was four people: Professor George who was strangling Adam and Macey who was about to kill Gina. We fought and fought endlessly. Although I knew that it was too late to save anyone, I wanted revenge. Finally, I caught Professor George and Macey. They were about to die a painful death. I was about to push them out of the window but before they completely fell down into the ground, they grabbed hold of my wrist.

I thought to myself, “At least if I was going to die, I die a little victorious.” I touched the hard, strong ground of the unbelievably unfair world, the last thing I saw was my house with a big black dot.

ALPT, 8 years old.

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