Thursday, May 5, 2011

Memento Mori

I cannot claim to know death personally, nor can I say that I know what it is like, how it is, what happens after, if anything happens after, or any other topic being centered on death itself. But I have witnessed it, as I'm sure all of you have, and been a bystander of it far too many times than I care to count.

The celebration of Osama Bin Laden's death has been going on since news broke out of his demise. I get it. I empathize and I sympathize with the families who lost a loved one during the terrible tragedy of 9/11. However, while I feel that Osama signified unrest and disclosure to those left behind and I get why his death is so significant and important to these people, I cannot help but feel inhumane about the fetes thrown over his departure of the earthly realm.

Many of us, if not all, have been forced by fate's cruelties to bid adieu a loved one. We are angry and we are so deeply immersed in the madness and sadness of the loss that we look for some sort of revenge, or comeuppance. Something to cling to and hold on to. In spite of, or maybe because of this knowledge, I have an aversion to throwing a party in response to a lost life.

I mourn and grieve the deaths of thousands, but I absolutely refuse to participate in a celebration of a lost life. Let us all go in peace.

On that note, I wish for the souls of 2 people I know who have also been casualties of life. May your deaths not be in vain, and may you always be remembered.

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