Tuesday, July 19, 2011



must love debates
interesting conversation
decorating and participating in holidays
light teasing
and staying in

no particular height
hair/ eye color
or political/ spiritual affiliation required
but would prefer a warm, non-racist

and other cliche archetypes need not apply

skinny, lean figures a plus but not pre-requisite

any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
David Tennant
Mark Darcy
Fitzwilliam Darcy
John Thornton
Edward Rochester
or Mr. Knightley will be met with great enthusiasm

I am dubious of reformed badboys and players, ladies men, criminals and gay men but will not rule them out completely.

must be tolerant of singing
tickle wars
eating in bed
jazz and showtunes
chick-flicks and romance comedies
and sleeping late

I love to read
love to write
and will ask for your opinion about every single thing

I have a rather fast gait
no-nonsense manner
and an exceptional love for the cold

I like to wrap up in a blanket with a hot drink (preferably coffee or hot chocolate) so it would be nice if you enjoyed that too

I sleep on my stomach
am a heavy sleeper
and I watch Christmas movies all year long

All I want is
eskimo kisses
waking up with a smile on my face
pizza and movie nights
and to laugh, and make you laugh, until we fall in an exhausted heap in bed, both tired from happiness.

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