Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Fall TV Schedule

It's no secret that I enjoy the uncomplicated bliss of sitting in front of a screen, watching my favorite shows. I don't enjoy so much the anticipation of waiting for what happens next (Lord knows I don't so mind hate spoilers, so much as crave for them), it's more of the time-consuming rapture and peek into someone else's life. It's more than just bearing witness, it's like living all the lives you want to live at the comfort of your own home.

With that said, I bring to you the Fall TV schedule of my favorite shows! This also stands as my download guide. Haha!

How I Met Your Mother - Sept. 19
*2 Broke Girls - Sept. 19
Gossip Girl - Sept. 26
*Hart Of Dixie - Sept. 26

90210 - Sept. 20
Glee - Sept. 20
*New Girl - Sept. 6

Modern Family - Sept. 21
Happy Endings - Sept. 28
America's Next Top Model - Sept. 14
*Up All Night - Sept. 14
*Free Agents - Sept. 14

The Big Bang Theory - Sept. 22
*Person Of Interest - Sept. 22
Community - Sept. 22

Nikita - Sept. 23
Chuck - Oct. 21

The Walking Dead - Oct. 16

2012 returns: The Borgias, Game Of Thrones, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars (January 3, but with a special Halloween episode on Oct.)

[NOTE: Those with * are new shows.]
[Photo SOURCE.]

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