Thursday, October 27, 2011

Broken-Hearted People

This one is for all the broken-hearted people in the world.

The people walking the world with only half a mind, listlessly searching for a way to piece things back together.

This one is for the ones who just got out of a relationship. Those who finally decided that things can't continue on this way, are strong enough to admit this to themselves and take action, yet are seen as the bad guys by the bystanders. They're the ones who recognized that no longer was this union something that brought joy; they yielded anger and bitterness instead. This is for the ones who did something about their current situation yet aren't recognized as the pained. They were the ones who broke it off so they have no right to feel hurt, anger, bitterness and resentment towards the "wounded" party. This is for the ones who mourn the possibility of something more, and the death of what could have been. This is for the ones who look down at a shattered heart and think "what am I to do with this?"

This is for the ones who've been yearning for a love long past. They're the ones who never truly got over someone, decided to stay in the picture, yet didn't know how to handle not being the partner. They're the ones who found a future in the past, yet have no means of letting those two meet. Like parallel lines, they're condemned never to cross paths. This is for those who've countlessly banged their heads against the wall, in the vain hope of knocking sense into their heads. They're the ones who can't quite handle not having someone in their life at all. They're the martyrs of today. They walk around with this ginormous weight resting on their shoulders, pushing them down, bringing with them a cloud of regret. This is for the ones who look down at a shattered heart and think "what am I to do with this?"

This is for those who've lost something far greater than a love story. This is for those who lost a friendship. In their head is a carousel of scenes from the past, a merry-go-round of memories and emotions, running fast enough to be far away from grasp, yet slow enough to project glimpses of remembrances and nostalgia. They are the human time-machines, going backwards and forwards, around and around and around, teasing, taunting, mocking. They screwed up in some way, and are brave enough to recognize the faults, but not the consequences. They're the ones who no longer quite know where to stand, how to tread the line -- strange friends or friendly strangers. They're ruled by pride, so chances are, these two are done and gone for good. They've loved, and fallen in love, and been in love, and stayed in love, and lost love, yet never quite understood the loss of love. They lost lovers, never love, so when they lost each other, the ground shifted from under them, leaving them feeling sickly imbalanced as they tried to adjust their stance, how they saw the world. This is for the ones who look down at a shattered heart and think "what am I to do with this?"

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