Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Twelve is that annoying kid you attended college with who just flitted in and out of classes, mooched on everyone, took his parents' money for granted, and plied himself with drugs and alcohol. You never really gave a crap about him, and only gave him notice when he was inconveniencing you. All you'll be able to take away from this film is that no one can do Brett Easton Ellis quite like Brett Easton Ellis. The characters were inconsistent and the plot, as well as subplots, seemed forced and unnatural. Throw in the annoying narrator's voice, coupled with the dreary dream sequences of white backgrounds, and all you get is an hour and a half of your life you will never get back; This film is basically Gossip Girl on drugs, if you subtract Gossip Girl's campy fun which sorts of deems forgivable some of the nuisances.

Twelve is the story of 17-year-old White Mike, the privileged son of a restaurant tycoon. His mother succumbed to breast cancer several years before the film begins. White Mike is a drug dealer who has taken his senior year in high school off to sell drugs to his wealthy peers. When he is not selling drugs he is reminiscing of his childhood and philosophizing about a world he feels he is not a part of. The title of the film refers to a new designer drug which the protagonist of the novel, White Mike, sells. The drug is referred to as a cross between cocaine and ecstasy.

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