Monday, January 30, 2012

Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City is an ode to all KISS and ROCK fans of the 90's. With its simple plot and surreal events, DRC feels like an inside joke. A lack of interest in rock and roll can make you feel excluded in this small-time comedy about 4 kids who would go to any length to see their idols.

Are you ready for the hottest band in the land? It's 1978 in Detroit, and pretty much any teenager who isn't a total wimp is totally stoked for the upcoming Kiss concert (as anyone who ever listened to Kiss Alive! knows, Detroit has always loved this band). But four proud members of the Kiss Army find themselves without tickets to the show, and one has to deal with a mother who is convinced that Kiss and their music are evil incarnate. Will they be able to foil scalpers, security, and paranoid parents to witness the fire-spitting, blood-puking, hard rock frenzy that is Kiss on stage?

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