Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outbreak Manila

I guess it's no secret that I love zombies. I don't love them in a I-want-to-marry-a-zombie way or I-want-to-become-a-zombie way or a I-want-people-I-love-to-become-a-zombie way, no. I love zombies in a I-think-zombies-are-fascinating-and-the-idea-of-a-zombiepocalypse-excites-me-to-no-end way.

That shouldn't be a surprise. With my love of vampires waning and fading due to the unjust mutilation of their entire specie via Stephenie Meyer's appalling novels, I had to find and focus my mythological being fix elsewhere. Lo and behold, the rise of the zombies came about (pun unintended).

From Max Brooks' zombie-centered novels, to classic zombie b-movies, to The Walking Dead, and just about every other art form that surrounds us, the platforms of these stories have made a killing (pun unintended, HE HE!) by providing us with information vital to surviving a zombiepocalypse. And I know that most anyone would say that we have used valuable brain space and filled it with nonsense, yet here I stand today ready for vindication. I will survive a zombiepocalypse while everyone else's stupid asses gets eaten alive.

What am I talking about? Well, only Outbreak Manila - the zombie marathon! YES. After feeling like something important was just waiting to go down from right around the corner, I find myself being proven correct once more! The taste of victory is sweet!

Everyone better get your cardio on!

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