Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In an attempt to get healthy, and let's be honest, to shrink back down to goal weight, I've been trying to stay away from my usual feast of junk food and soda. While this may seem impossible due to my constant snacking, my hunger-that-comes-every-2hours, my oral fixation, and other such problems, I've come up with a diet plan that'll allow me to satisfy my perennial, persistent, and enduring need to eat, sans the calories and fat.

To begin this seemingly insurmountable feat, I've asked my constant companions to stay away from tempting food in my presence. Surrounding myself with enticing yet weight-inducing fare is clearly bad for my health (and yours too should you seduce me into breaking my diet).

Since I am in a charitable mood, I've decided to share with you all how exactly I am both eating my heart out, and still losing the calories.

While I do plan on going back on the junk right after goal weight, for now I have decided to give up the potato chips and snack on healthier options. Knowing what I'm eating is tantamount to controlling my intake. In lieu of your run-of-the-mill chips, I'm currently eating the baked version of each and every brand of junk that I like (it is unfortunate that they don't have these in my favorite flavors though -- Lay's Salt & Vinegar, Ruffles BBQ/ Cheddar Cheese, Piknik Ketchup). However, this will serve me well... for the time being.

And instead of eating my source of life -- red meat and pork, I've decided to stay on my healthy and favorite Cuisine: Italian! My meals consist of Focaccia/ Baguettes dipped in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, Bruschetta al Pomodoro, and Salad with Vinaigrette. [= It doesn't seem like such a sacrifice when I'm eating these.

Other snacks include: bananas, apples, watermelons, strawberries, kiwis, and other yummy fruits. Oh, and Jandi has been force-feeding me Cowhead (in Chocolate flavor, thank God!) in an attempt to get my tummy full before feasting. So far, my diet has been working. Let's hope I get back to goal weight soon though!!! I miss my red meat, chips, and soda.

Ah and on a last note, if you're truly trying to lose weight, add a bit of daily exercise. I'm going on my 4th day of Circuit Training for 15 minutes a day.