Sunday, August 19, 2012


If anyone wanted to gift me with a book....

I've compiled some that I've been itching to get my hands on! Teehee.

Why, yes. I do love everything Kardashian, thank you very much. While I tend to shy away from the likes of Kim (ew), I do find Khloe and Kourtney to be the most adorable of contemporary female personas. Plus, they're riotously hilarious! And it doesn't hurt that one Lord Disick seems to embody and epitomize all that I love in a man. Yum.

I must confess, my affair with Nora Roberts has been going on since Junior year of Highschool. It all started when this friend of mine (and a boy, no less!!!) recommended I give The Winning Hand (from Nora Roberts' famous MacGregors) a shot. I did, and I fell in love with Contemporary Romance novels right then and there. It also proved my love for series, friends, family, and interconnecting stories is enduring. So while I will admit to reading each and every book in the Bridal Quartet, I will also admit to wanting a physical copy on my bookshelf. Just because it was THAT funny.

Ah, Sherlock Holmes. I got into this when I one day found myself bored and at wit's end at home, which eventually led to the perusal of worn and torn books from my Mother's, Grandmother's, Aunts', and Siblings' past and ended up face to face with a couple of books from dear old uncle Shirley. When was this, you ask? ELEMENTARY, my dear Watson.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that where a Jane Austen novel is found, there too shall Essa be found. I cannot stress enough just how large an impact Janey has had in my life. I have spent half of my life thinking I was Elizabeth Bennet, and the other half believing I am Emma Woodhouse! Her obvious intellect, sharp wit, head strong attitude, and insight to what the future held for women is apparent in her life's work. I would KILL to get a hard bound leather copy of all of her novels!!!

Mr. Wilde -- so often quoted, yet so little recognized by the unknowing "fan". Oscar here is another writer I hold so close to heart. So much more ahead of his time than credited, Oscar was unafraid to show the world its own shame. One might wonder how he is so accustomed and adept at knowing and revealing the follies of man.

There is a reason why Charles Dickens is the one writer whose name strikes a chord inside both the young and the old. His story, timeless, his tales, enchanting. Mr. Dickens influence can be found in almost all of our stories today. And that is a fine, fine thing.

Ah, Jane Eyre. That which rivals my love for historical romance, is historical GOTHIC romance. This age old tale of finding love in all the wrong places, the politics involved, that looming sense of doom... shiver. Plus, as you can tell from my recent posts, I do love arrogant, indolent, and overbred Englishmen. With titles and estates. Oh, and look, Edward Rochester is just that.

To say that I am a Wuthering Heights fan is an overstatement of the highest regard since, well, I'm just not. I mean, I did enjoy reading it, and yes, I have read it more than once, but mostly because I am a BRONTE fan, not so much a Wuthering Heights fan. But I do like this cover.

Because let's face it, I just AM Bridget Jones.

Have you READ The Mysterious Benedict Society? If not, then you are obviously not a gifted child looking for special opportunities. In which case, there is the door. If you have read TMBS, then how can you NOT want to know what happened to Mr. Benedict? How can you not be curious as to what kind of events shaped him into the man who becomes our leader?

At the end of the Carrie Diaries, our bushy-haired, unknowing heroine meets Samantha Jones. Now with 1/3 of her famous girlfriends in tow, the unlikely duo set out to meet one Miranda Hobbes. Ok, these girls literally shaped my adolescent years. Instead of actually heading out there and experiencing adventures of my own, I stayed in bed, watching them navigate the stormy seas of dating, and keeping one eye open during their infamous and explicit sex scenes!

If Tyra Banks wrote it, it's bound to be a trainwreck. Is everyone a writer these days?!

So remember when I said I love historical romance? Victoria Alexander is one of my favorite authors. Oh and hello?! Christmas time is like the BEST.

Favorite. comic. installment. storyline. ever.

Interactive books seem to be the in thing right now, and well, honestly? they sound fun!

And if y'all are feeling extra generous, some more things I found and lust for in Fullybooked...