Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Losing His Marbles

So as many of you know, I acquired myself a pup a couple of months back. It has been one hell of an experiencing parenting him -- and not in a notice-him-whenever-it-suits-me way. I've been dealt with the financial responsibilities, cleaning-up duties, and giving him the notice and affection he needs even when time can not permit. That's a hell load of dough, poop, pee, showering, taking him to meetings, not going to the mall or seeing my friends because I can't bring Mochi, and play than most of you will ever know. I really have gone mommy mode.

Exactly 2 weeks ago, right after his 6th month, I took him to the vet to get neutered. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry and we have had to postpone his surgery due to the unavailability of his vet. We scheduled it for the Monday after and Mochi left balls intact. That following Monday, we headed to the vet gung-ho on getting this over with. As it is customary for dogs to have a blood test done before going under the knife, we had one issued for our boy. As (un)luck would have it, even if Mochi's blood test came up (pretty)good, his vet did not want to operate as Mochi was severely stressed. We were recommended to put him on antibiotics (amoxycilin and immunisin) and to re-schedule him for the next week. You can not know the frustration I felt then. Even if I would have never risked Mochi's life for anything, I was beginning to feel anxious.

The Monday of his surgery came and we were all thunderbirds-a-go. We entrusted Mochi to the vet and left him for his neutering. To say that I was anxious would not really encompass the nerves that were forming knots in my stomach -- to put it bluntly, I was a wreck. A volcano waiting to erupt. A man so far in the precipice that I would have jumped at the slightest taunt.

The surgery was a success, thank God. It's been 2 days since and Mochi is slowly adjusting. His recovery is going smoothly. Milestone! Now I'm up to my knees in bills, medicine, monitoring, and working but I have to stick this out for 8 days more. Who knew a parent's life was so difficult?

So, my friends, if there is anything I ask of you  it is this: Please pray that no more difficulty come my boy (and me!) For this, I will be eternally grateful.

Photo c/o Blu Salangsang. (: