Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a dog's world.

As per routine, Sev and Ron invited me to have coffee at Starbucks, Julia Vargas with them and Angus today. We left the house at around 5, which is pretty early considering our haunts usually start at 9.

Before sitting down to some well-deserved coffee, we went to the Pet Village in Tiendesitas so that Ron can buy some pet fishies for "Angus" (by which, I mean Ron). Can I just say, there are WAY too many people buying fishes - is it going back in style? After finally deciding on getting an angel fish/ fishes, we headed off to Starbucks where Angus was harassed by almost every person we passed. Really, he is a star. Either that or these people have never seen a dog before (which is highly unlikely.)

We settled into our usual seats outside before finally ordering our drinks (2 Venti Coffee Frappes, and 1 White Chocolate Mocha). We (more Sev and Ron than me) finally completed the 4th Starbucks Planner card for Dumbledore! Yay for the coffee addicts!!! After going back outside with our orders, Sev realized that the Starbucks card was missing - and we don't remember seeing the Barista hand it back. Of course, Sev went back inside to inform the barista of this. I felt terrible for the barista, she was near tears! Since Sev and Ron are well-known in this Starbucks branch, all the baristas went crazy looking for this card. Luckily, the card was found between some tissues. All was well.

After much kwentuhan, the team decided to up and leave to go get the fishies. We walk back to Tien only to have the three reconsider getting the pets today. Sev and I wanted to go check the tiangge, so Ron decided to humor us. On our way there, we come across Vito, Ron's highschool friend, and his gorgeous pet Labrador, Leo. The duo were bored and alone, so they decided to tag along.

Our first stop was the Pet Village, to Pussies & Bitches - where we just found out that Ron and Vito's former classmate is the owner! Charlie, my dream lab, had already been sold so I found solace in Padfoot, this 1 1/2 month old male Akita. We stayed there for about an hour before resuming to walking the doggies. At 9, Vito and Leo had to go so they walked us to the Tiangge before finally parting ways.

At the tiangge, I bought new board shorts (which I love!) since the ones I was wearing got ripped while restraining Leo from the taunting dogs (yes, they ripped! Thank god I had a jacket on. I immediately removed it and tied it around my waist.) On our way back to the car, Sev and I passed by the store where she bought Dolly and my Christmas presents. They were on sale! Too bad Sev and I already used up most of the money we had on us. Nonetheless, we return tomorrow. Sev is buying this blue and white trucker polo shirt, while I'm buying 2 dresses. I also wanted my own trucker shirt, but they only had one left. Grr...

My New Board Shorts!

That's pretty much it for today. Now all we have to do is find a Starbucks branch where they still have the planners available. JV ran out of stock.

Hope everyone is having fun preparing for their Media Noches tomorrow!


  1. Boy Voldy, I'm beat. one would think it's impossible to hurt in the bones, but, I do. Angus is exhausted too. A full day ahead of us tomorrow. I'm extra tired just thinking about it.

  2. I'm pooped as well. I just messaged you in ym, but you just signed off. I was about to head to bed when I found a stupid rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You by John Mayer. Read my post above. Comment.