Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Moment of Frustrated Necessity.

The Moment of Frustrated Necessity - the moment, that is, where one is decisively certain that something SHOULD be obtained, without further reason other than the sensation of your stomach tightening (the gut instinct). I have just returned from such a moment. Clearly, in a universe such as ours, one must not underestimate the importance of human emotion.

The event that follows were completely out of our hands. The three of us go through such an out-of-body experience, a la Astral Traveling. This is what SHOULD have happened:

Sev, Dolly, and myself are at Tiendesitas, and we find ourselves at Fashion Village, standing inside one of the shops browsing their selection of (shocking, this) clothes. While the clothes are beautiful, none of us are really in need of new clothing. Especially for Dolly and myself, as we find our closets abundant with new dresses, the scent of their shops still lingering in the cloth, tags still in tact, all thanks to the recent celebration of Jesus' birth. We ask the seller for the price, brows furrowed, as we consider whether to purchase them or not. We shift our weight back on one foot, so that we may tap the other while in deep thought (yes, all 3 of us actually do this). Deciding to try them on, just for the fun of it, we all take turns as we admire the dresses the other has picked. After much flattery and laughter, we leave the store, finally deciding that we have no need for new clothing and we refuse to surrender to consumerism.

This is NOT what happens.

Instead, as we admire the dresses and flatter each other, we all decide that we DO need (and more importantly: want) these beautiful clothes. We look at each other, as if silently saying "yes, I am buying this. It is worth it. You should buy that for yourself too.", and nod in agreement.

Bummed that I tried to be my responsible self by not bringing my entire wallet and just enough for this one dress, I ask the seller if she would reserve another dress that I want for myself while promising to return in the morrow (which I will.) In all reality, I only brought enough money for the dress I saw yesterday, which is cheaper than the one I actually bought today (Damn you, Sev and Dolly). Since this plaid, black and gray dress was the last one in it's style, I weigh the possibility in my head of some other sucker buying it while chewing on my nails. The possibility is grand, and I am not a risk taker. Thank goodness to Ickle Ronniekins for bringing enough cash to loan me and Dolly (since she couldn't withdraw money from BPI). I guess he learned to always bring some in case Sev gets a craving.

The dress I got is beautiful; though I really have no occasion in which to wear it. Nevertheless, I love it. Besides, Sev gave in to consumerism too. She bought the blue and white trucker polo promised yesterday, plus a beautiful cream chiffon Lily Van der Woodsen-esque top, which Dolly and I strong-armed her into buying. Dolly bought another take on the coat which she received from Sev last Christmas in tan.

We all went home happy. Debts are paid. Pockets are empty.

What can we say? We experienced the "Moment of Frustrated Necessity". Sometimes, you just gotta trust your gut.

Sev's Trucker Polo

Sev's Chiffon Blouse

Dolly's Coat / Dress - Front

Dolly's Coat / Dress - Back

Voldy's Dress - Front

Voldy's Dress - Back


  1. Thanks for convincing me to buy the cream blouse Voldy. I love it! I may not have been able to forgive myself had I let it past my fingers.

    I like your dress, looks pretty on you.

  2. No problem, Sev! The minute you tried it on, I knew you had to have it! It looks so good on you!

    And thanks. :P

  3. I will repost this entry and guest blog you, as I have clearly done on Reader's pup accessories ;)

    I am too happy about my coat/dress! I can't seem to find the right time or place to wear it though. Oh well. I will wear it even in the summer (?)

  4. Haha, definitely! Maybe at a party?