Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hollywood's Top Guy's Guys.

Hollywood is packed with actors who make the girls scream, but you won't find Robert Pattinson on this list. There are some guys that other guys love just as much as the girls do. Check out these actors who have cultivated a true cross-gender appeal.

1. George Clooney
George Clooney is the quintessential guy's guy. Not only is he popular with the ladies, but he's into practical jokes, always seems in control and he likes fast cars and motorcycles. In Ocean's 11, he made every guy want to be part of his crew, and on the red carpet he makes men think about how cool they would look in a tuxedo.

2.Leonardi Dicaprio
In 1998, after starring in the guy-Krypton Oscar winner Titanic, Leo's cherubic face was plastered across teeny bopper magazines that ruined his rep with everyday bros. Thanks to some judicious role selection and a three-movie run with Martin Scorcese, Leonardo has since redeemed himself in the eyes of guys everywhere.

3. Denzel Washington
Ever since he came on the scene with his breakout role in the 1983 movie Cry Freedom, Denzel Washington has been walking the line between swoon-worthy hunk and politically-aware intellectual. Along the way, Denzel landed in movies like Training Day and American Gangster that showed just how badass this intellectual hunk can be.

4. James Franco
It might be his self-deprecating sense of humor or the fact that Judd Apatow just makes him seem so damn likeable, but for whatever reason James Franco transcends heartthrob status and is in with the guys. Sure he was named "Sexiest Man Living" by, but he was also hilarious in the guy-centric Pineapple Express.

5. Robert Redford
Robert Redford may be past his full-on hunk days, but he still pulls off a rugged sense of cool that's been much-emulated and rarely achieved. It helps his status with guys that he made probably the best buddy cowboy movie ever with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

6. Jon Hamm
It's hard to believe that Jon Hamm's breakout role in Mad Men came just three years ago. Since then, Jon has hosted Saturday Night Live twice and landed on both People and's lists of sexiest men. But don't confuse him with his alter ego. Jon is quick to warn people off looking up to Don Draper too much and says he's actually nothing like the brooding leading man.

7. Benicio del Toro
Benicio del Toro has said he doesn't see himself as a hunk and he doesn't know why he ends up on lists like these, but admits he's always been popular with the ladies. His roles in guy favorites like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Sin City, have helped make him a hit on both sides of the gender divide.

8. Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is the cool guy that guys want to hang out with. Sure he'd probably always win the attention of the hottest girl in the room, but he'd also be a really awesome wingman. Brad won over the ladies first in Legends of the Fall, but by the time he played Tyler Durden in Fight Club, the guys couldn't resist. He gets bonus points with guys for growing ill-conceived facial hair.

9. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is a one-of-a-kind cultural anomoly. He's spent the better part of his career enjoying full-on heartthrob status. He's flirted with androgyny. He spends about half his time in France and has insulted the United States in interviews. And still he's adored by guys and girls alike. How could this be? Simple. Guys love pirates.

10. Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey, Jr. has some serious demons in his past, but that just seems to give him character. Not only is he the guy that guys would love to party with, he's the guy whose stories would actually be interesting. He's got a cocky attitude that works for him somehow, leading future co-star Chris Evans to remark, "I don't think anybody tells Downey what to do, and that's what makes [him] Downey."

11. Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx has shamelessly played up his lady's man status throughout his career, and while the way he's pandered to the audience doesn't earn him cool points, somehow it hasn't hurt him either. Jamie got an inexplicable Mike Tyson-like head tattoo, he's trotted out his Oscar-winning Ray Charles impression more than once for pop music, and yet he's still cool enough to get Ron Howard to show up in his music video.

12. Paul Rudd
Look at his resume and you'll quickly realize Paul Rudd has one of the coolest filmographies in Hollywood. He had his breakout in the 1995 chick flick Clueless, and more recently he starred alongside Jason Segal in I Love You, Man, which is basically how guys feel when they see him play his everybro schtick for laughs on the big screen.

13. Justin Timberlake
Sure he got his start making teenage girls scream with N*Sync, but with the help of a haircut, some snappy clothes, and a "D--- in a Box," J.T. successfully reinvented his image as guy friendly.

14. Alec Baldwin
How do you win over guys and girls alike? Being good looking and hilarious has worked out for Alec Baldwin. Tina Fey saved his career, but before 30 Rock, Alec's mix of charm and quick wit was cracking up SNL fans with sketches like his classic "Schweddy Balls.


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