Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photodump: September

To compile some memories of a truly kind September.

Criela and I took ourselves to Izakaya for Jill's despedida. We later found ourselves eating at Jade Palace. (:

Criela, Myself, Chris, Jenn and AM at Ponti's Back to Cool Saturdays

Kalvin and I at Casa de Pamandanan

One of my favorite guys to date, Kalvin, and I at Resort's World.

Mariz, Jenn and I waiting for the valet to arrive.

A grandma at Republiq. I was so exhausted from work and trying to unwind. Irony, you're cruel!

24 hour Shakeys! One from the myriad of dates Criela and I have. I read a book and kept her company as she studied.

Back to Cool Saturdays with Criela.

If she were a guy, she'd probably be my bf. (:

TJ's date with Criela!

Guess who followed... Mykee Dy! Mr. Kyra Relampagos, my kompare, and the father of my godson.

Buffalo Tenders. Mmmm.

A moment in your lips, forever on your hips fries. But they're delicious.

Let's fall in food.

I'm ready to burst at the seams!

Took my cousin, Drop, to Kalv's birthday. Everyone, save for me, got pissed drunk. Biblical.

Had lunch, merienda and dinner with my komares and kompares.

There you have it. My September in a nutshell.

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