Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday, Kuya Jap found an old cd we took home with us when he, ate Jill and I just got back from the US of A. It got me feeling a little nostalgic for the year 2001 and I read up on the events that transpired during then.

Pop music still carried over from the 90's, Teen flicks paved by the likes of John Hughes from the 80's and Clueless from the 90's were still being churned by Hollywood, The impeachment of Philippine president Joseph Estrada, UN War Crimes, Beijing wins bid to host 2008 Summer Olympics, the recession, 9/ 11, people were still reeling from the 1999 Columbine massacre, Internet was still a luxury and not a necessity (no wifi yet, and people were still paying for prepaid internet) -- 2001 was definitely an eventful year.

The music that bespoke the generation was a mixture of pop teen stars wading in to r & b territory. The grunge of the 90's was pushed over by the bubblegum music of the youth. No one was proud to be a teenanger anymore. The angst was suffocating and the youth couldn't wait to grow up.

To bring back some reminders of the year 2001, here's the list of songs we took home with us.

1.) Case Of The Ex - Mya
2.) No More - 3LW
3.) Say My Name - Charlie's Angels
4.) He Loves You Not - Dream
5.) Doesn't Really Matter - Janet Jackson
6.) Don't Think I'm Not - Kandi
7.) Most Girls - P!nk
8.) Unleash The Dragon - Sisqo
9.) Incomplete - Sisqo
10.) Never Had A Dream Come True - SCLUB7
11.) I Say A Little Prayer For You - My Bestfriend's Wedding OST
12.) Christmas Shoes - New Song

How cool were we?! Hahaha.

If ya'll feel like reading up on some of the events that happened back then, here are the links to the websites I read:
Photo Source.
Read 1
Read 2

I hope you all look back to this year with fond memories. Where were you last 2001?


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