Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Office

They say that a good workplace is conducive to doing good work. Since my future seems to be holing up and cozying to this new business venture, I've decided that I might as well put in the effort to personalize the space I'm given. Right now, my office is located at the business warehouse where piles and piles of paperwork await my review. It is fairly big, poorly lit, and stacked with the company's history. The walls, meant to be white, have turned a dull gray, and dust lies in everything! There is so much work to be done, but I'm excited to re-vamp the place!

It should be interesting to see how I'll be able to balance my time between the business turnover (I'm undergoing training now! I began last Tuesday), the expansion of Skinny Sweets (more on this later...), my new accessory shop (again, please wait for further details), and the office re-decorating. Good things are in store!

So while my new office looks bleak, the future seems brighter than ever. With that, here are some cozy office ideas!