Monday, May 11, 2009

Duel to kill.

Truth be told: While I'm all about keeping the peace, there's nothing like a healthy competition that calls to me like a flame doth to a moth. When it comes to boys, a battle of the sexes only livens things up more. What guy doesn't blush when you beat him at a game he supposedly (as he would call it) pwns? After all, done correctly, a flirty challenge is just what every guy dreams of. Indeed, there's nothing like a spot of competition that brings out the worst in a man... or the best in a woman.

When it comes to friends, a little rivalry here and there would be good for the soul. Good friends need to keep each other's feet planted firmly on the ground, right? And what better way to bring your friend back to earth than to beat her/ him in their chosen field of expertise?

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