Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My two pennies worth.

From the mind of a keen observer of the human condition:

I find it strange how people are more affected by death when a public figure dies than when someone they actually know/ knew passes away. Just because they didn't have the same range of impact doesn't make it any less tragic.

I'll say it one last time and that's it for me -- RIP MJ.

We've all paid our respects. We've all paid our dues. Stop being hypocrites -- he was capable of terrible things and you were all ready to hang him before his death. He left a debt of 400 million to his children -- where's your sympathy for them?

Not to say that he wasn't great. He was a great performer. Really, it was a loss to music, a very sad day for music. His talent was unquestionable, unfailing until the end, but this does not mean that he was a devastating loss to the human race.

What really irks me is that his swarm of admirers seem to have taken little to no account of all his sins. We are not all immediately fated to be either sinners or saints. I'm sure Hitler had done some good deeds in his life, were those taken into account? I'm sure Nero didn't just think "Hey, I think I'll take the Roman empire down" the minute he was able to think for himself -- does anyone care about that? Why is it that we so readily want to put a stamp in their epitaphs -- good or evil? Can't we accept that these are PEOPLE, all of which has had some good points and some bad points? Do we always have to label? Can we feel sympathy for him but not pretend like we didn't give a rat's ass about his misgivings (because really, that's what everyone is doing)? Why is it that you don't see normal, regular people spam their pages with tales of despair when someone they know dies? Is it just another case of people jumping to join the band wagon?

This entire thing just seems to resemble a charade than an actual time of grievance to me. I'm sure emotions were not faked, but why does it have to be broadcasted world wide?

It's a terrible terrible state of affairs when one is only exonerated after death (not to say that he deserved or didn't deserve to be vindicated.) Just my tuppence worth.


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