Friday, August 7, 2009

Picture This

Picture a living room. A living room alive with laughter and merriment on a somber, rainy day. A living room with 4 kids having nothing to do at home; no way to spend their time. That image in your head was the start of our day.

Out of sheer impulsivity and utter boredom, Drei, ate Iyay, kuya Jap, and yours truly decided to head down to the furniture shop to look at bookshelves and cabinets. I've been looking for bookshelves for the longest time now, so that I may display my books in all their glory - and so that I may turn part of the room into a miniature library of some sort. I found 4 potential shelves, but am truly undecided in that area. Sad because I still haven't picked one and we badly wanted to do something that will occupy the rest of our afternoon, we decided to just get some paint and materials and color my room in a shade that suits me.

Once we've arrived home, armed with paint and determination, we ask our driver and some of the boys to mix the water-based paint while we moved my furniture. The rest of the day was spent with laughter and fooling around. Ate Blu and Kuya JC arrived just as we finished painting the first coat. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Sev took one of the spare rollers/ brushes and started painting her heart away while kuya JC watched Angus and looked for movies to download in the desktop computer at the upstairs living room (which serves as a sort of common room for us siblings.) Dad arrived soon after and was shocked with the change! Feeling inspired, he agreed to reimburse the expense I spent (awesome!) and to finance the re-painting of kuya Jap's room as well. Still in good spirits, he treated us to a late afternoon snack before heading off.

We start painting kuya Jap's room next Wednesday; when all of us have free time again -- and out of the hundreds of colors to choose from, my brother picked Old Rose to sort of match my Violet Essence. Trust us to be twins until the end.

We'll be heading off to the bookstore now, either to just freeload or purchase books, we still don't know. We Pamandanans are nothing if not impulsive after all.

Happy Camper,

P.S. Photos added!

P.P.S. Back home from the bookstore! Went crazy and bought 9 books. Now officially flat broke with bills coming my way in 2 weeks. ARGH!!! Going crazyyyyy. Also, planning a garage sale very soon! Watch out for it!

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