Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Bucket List

In light of the recent death of former Filipino President Cory Aquino, I've decided to make my very own bucket list.

Things to do before kicking the bucket:

1. Write the story of your life.
2. Watch every James Bond film.
3. Sing along in a music store.
4. Build a snow cave.
5. Get in the record books.
6. Travel the world.
7. Run in fancy dress for charity.
8. Blow a month’s wages on shoes.
9. Paint a self-portrait.
10. Bury a time capsule.
11. Leave behind a million dollars.
12. Compose an original song.
13. Plant a tree and carve your name.
14. Go on holiday with no luggage.
15. Have a night at the opera.
16. Become fluent in a different language.
17. Play an elaborate practical joke.
18. Host a cocktail party.
19. Spend Christmas Day helping out.
20. Meditate for 3 hours in one setting.
21. Spend a week at sea.
22. Win the lottery.
23. Skinny dip at midnight.
24. Design an original dress.
25. Spend the night in a haunted house.
26. Make fire the old-fashioned way.
27. Swing through the air on a trapeze.
28. Horse-ride through the surf.
29. Start a mini library.
30. Make your own pasta.
31. Swim with something big.
32. Sleep outdoors watching the stars.
33. Create an online alter-ego.
34. Cook something you’ve grown.
35. Sky-dive.
36. Swim in the ocean.
37. Catch a fish and eat it that day.
38. Brew your own beer.
39. Learn to throw a boomerang.
40. Adopt a baby.
41. Surf and snowboard in one day.
42. Build a tree house.
43. Compete in a ballroom competition.
44. Pash a policeman on New Year’s Eve.
45. Do a Roar & Snore at the zoo.
46. Give a homeless person your lunch.
47. View a house you can’t afford.
48. Hire a house boat.
49. Go trekking, carrying all your gear.
50. Build something that will outlast you.
51. Research your family tree.
52. Go to a bedding store in your PJs.
53. Shave your head.
54. Get involved in a protest rally.
55. Make a crowd sign for the cricket.
56. Leave a love note on a windscreen.
57. Build a giant sandcastle.
58. Blow a kiss to a bikie.
59. Wear fancy dress for a whole day.
60. Spend an hour in a lift.
61. Get your fortune told.
62. Make a baby laugh.
63. Make a snowman.
64. Make love on the beach.
65. Help out at a soup kitchen.
66. Send flowers for no reason at all.
67. Watch the sun rise.
68. Watch the sun set.
69. Make a cake for the teachers.
70. Take the day off on your birthday.
71. Spend Christmas Day in Lapland.
72. Make a heap of autumn leaves.
73. Walk through knee-deep mud.
74. Tell your Mum you love her.
75. Have a night at the ballet.
76. Take evening classes with a friend.
77. Take tap-dancing lessons.
78. Write a letter to your grandchildren.
79. Smile at 100 strangers.
80. Read the plays of Shakespeare.
81. Do a first-aid course.
82. Act on stage.
83. Google yourself.
84. Visit your parents in a limousine.
85. Live off the land for a week.
86. Listen to your iPod right through.
87. Fast for 48 hours.
88. Skip with your kids along the beach.
89. Take a vow of silence.
90. Send a cryptic note.
91. Give blood.
92. Write to your favourite author.
93. Walk a marathon.
94. Contact your childhood sweetheart.
95. Give an emo a big sloppy kiss.
96. Pretend to be invisible.
97. Buy some outrageous sunnies.
98. Wind up a security guard.
99. Send a message in a bottle.
100. Make a kite and fly it.
101. Test-drive a car you can’t afford.
102. Backpack through Europe.
103. Go to a foreign country without a map.
104. Go to a strip club.
105. Get a lap dance.

Will add more along the way, and will strike the ones I've done after finishing them as well. (=

Have YOU ever thought of what you wanted to do before you move on?


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