Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing... the De Niro's.

I've always had a fascination with men's dress shoes. There was just something so sleek, stylish and elegant in the way they were worn. Whether it was during the Roaring 20's where debauchery ruled and burlesque and jazz clubs were frequented, or the smooth days of the ratpack drinking scotch, on the rocks please, at a joint listening to Sinatra woo women, or even during the days of underground mafia businesses, the oxfords represented a time when men were dressed to the nine's; when men cared about how they looked and how they were presented. It adds a little oomph to their apparel. A little panache.

So when I saw these wingtip oxfords while looking at shoes earlier today with my siblings... I immediately thought "Bobby De Niro". And thus came to be... my De Niro's.

My favorite pair of shoes as of the moment:

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