Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Right Medicine

As soon as I got home from sleeping over at my good friend, Criela's, place last sunday, I fell under the grips of a flu very much known to filipinos as Trankaso.

Trankaso is a virus that affects the respiratory system of the victim. Along with it comes a burning fever and unbearable pain in the joints, rendering its chosen prey incapable of walking. The illness usually last about 3-5 days.

I've been feeling down and out because of this tedious tedious disease but luckily, my family and friends were kind enough to lavish me with gifts while I was suffering. :P

Mom got me this really cute babydoll dress that I absolutely adore! The lace trimming along the neckline adds a Victorian feel to the dress. It's so funky.

The print is to die for! It's so messy and colorful. Plus, it's made of really good material. I love thick, structured clothing.

Pop got me this bag that I can use on casual days. It's big and roomy and allows me to bring a lot of the things I usually end up needing. Perfect to just lug around.

Pop also got me this acid-wash jean jacket from Esprit that I just fell in love with. It's something I can wear and throw on during days I feel like dressing down.

A reference to me not leaving the bed during the majority of my sickness. Very cute, Old Man. Top from Rampage.

My father obviously knows me well. I have a penchant for longsleeved tops/ sweaters! This one is from Belle du jour.

Daddy dearest also got me jeans from Banana Republic. This one is my current favorite simply because it is the first pair of my NEW size. I'm a 0 now, baby!!!

The sweetest surprise, of course, came from my good friend, Jenn. She dropped this off at my house without my knowledge.

So hey. Maybe there's something to this whole getting sick thing. If it entails more gifts, I should get sick more often. (;


P.S. I promise to write an actual blog soon.

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