Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World Aids Day

Today, the first day of the last month for 2010, is World Aids Day. What a sobering thought. Please wear red to bring awareness to this awful disease that has plagued our beautiful world.

In celebration of World Aids Day, we present to you the latest news and facts about HIV/AIDS in the Philippines and around the world, that we believe should be brought up to everyone’s attention.

The estimated number of people that’s going to have AIDS in the Philippines if not prevented before the current administration ends,.

83% of infections in Russia and China were caused by sharing of drug taking equipment. This is the leading cause of HIV infection in the said countries.

89% of infections in the Philippines were transmitted through sexual intercourse. This is the leading cause of HIV infection in the country.

20-29 Years Old Age of people with most number of HIV infection in the Philippines. In 2009, report showed that most of these people work in the Call Center Industry.

28% of young Filipinos believes that AIDS is curable.

The antiretroviral viral drugs do not cure people of HIV infection or AIDS. They stop viral replication and delay the development of AIDS.

73% of young Filipinos believed that they had no chance of contracting HIV.

If you want to know how you can help in the stop of HIV/AIDS. Visit any of the websites below or do your part by sharing this post to your friends.


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