Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photodump: November

Christmas is just around the corner! November was as jolly as dear old St. Nick and glee ran rampant as I spent this lovely month with my awesome friends and much more awesome family. We also started preparations for the arrival of my sister, brother-in-law and niece, who are arriving on the first week of December for a month long stay from the land of the merlion.

My mother (twitter) celebrates her birthday on the 8th of November and we usually start decorating our humble abode for the holidays the following day. We start off with the tree and ornaments, then we deck the halls (or in our case, staircase) with holly, the doors with wreaths, the railings with stockings, and scatter candles and bells all over the household. For my mom's "ehem"th birthday, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Eat Well, then headed off to have a dose of our daily grind. It is no secret that we Pamandanans are addicted to our coffee.

My godson Marcus celebrated his 1st birthday! It was definitely an affair to remember. Props to his parents, my good friends, Mykee & Kyra. The party was a blast. (:

As per the recommendation of our sister, ate Jill (twitter|tumblr), Drei, ate Iyay (twitter|tumblr) and I decided to try out the House of Lasagna over at Wilson. Can I just say? The place blew me away! Tucked in a little nook in a small building, House of Lasagna was a quaint little date place that is perfect for a romantic yet affordable night out. We ordered 2 plates of the beef lasagna, a plate of fried, crispy, chicken skin and an extra basket of garlic bread and boy were we glad we didn't order our desserts immediately! We were stuffed. We couldn't get out of our chairs. Its European interior is brightly lit yet still gives the air of romance. It is my current fixation.

Who can forget that November 2010 marked the Beginning of the End for the beloved Harry Potter saga?! I first watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Review here) with my siblings opening day, then I watched again 2 days after at a special screening hosted by the men of the Aquila Legis fraternity of the Ateneo Law School. Criela (twitter|tumblr) and I have a couple of friends and acquaintances who are part of the fraternity, so we decided to show our support (Plus, we're major Potterheads). Before heading to the after party, my lady and I took our sweet time and had dinner at Carlos' Pizza. Forgive the awful photos, we were so hungry we just couldn't be bothered to remember to take photos before digging in. We followed to Cafe Mondial, the venue of the after party, shortly once we've finished eating, mingled, then decided we wanted some Micket D's. We abused the kindness of our good friend Eric and bullied him into taking us so we wouldn't have to bring our own ride.

I accompanied Criela (twitter|tumblr) to the Moonlit Bazaar over at Rockwell with no plans whatsoever to purchase anything for myself, but once I paid the entrance fee, I decided to check off what was left of my Christmas list. No way would I have paid to just walk around lusting after item after item after item. We ended up getting more than we thought we would, but the prices were surprisingly low so we both left very happy. I then got bullied by the brat into buying myself a drink and a cinnamon roll at Starbucks, Home Depot where I helped digest a few cases for the little minx.

My good friend Kalvin visited me at home towards the end of the month and we decided on pigging out while having a movie marathon. We ordered Spaghetti w/ Meatballs and Buffalo Wings from Yellow Cab then promptly started watching Easy A as we patiently waited for the food to arrive. Next up on our list were episodes 4 and 5 of The Walking Dead, followed immediately by the gory Battle Royale.

Somewhere around the last week of November, I filmed a hilarious indie skit for Jack TV. I'll keep you guys updated on when it airs!

That's it for my November! Hope everyone is enjoying their lives as much as I am enjoying mine.

All good things,

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