Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Coffee of MMXI

Earlier today, I received a message from a friend I haven't seen nor spoken to in 2 years. There's really no concrete reason as to why we stopped hanging out; we had no falling out, nothing huge happened between us, and there's definitely no bad blood there. We sort of just drifted apart as we got older, and for one of us, busier. You could say life got in the way. While we aren't best buddies, we aren't fairweather friends as well. We just haven't had much to talk about in years. I guess that's what happens when you spend time apart -- you focus on different things and you forget the things you've left behind.

As expected, I was nervous and apprehensive of our coffee date. We have little to nothing in common now and I was afraid that an awkward conversation would drive a wedge further between us. Thankfully, we were able to pick up right where we left off. And boy, do I tell you, I fell in love with her all over again. Yss, I missed you. I'm glad you were the first friend I saw for 2011.

As fortune would have it, another friendly face was around the area and looking for a coffee fix. I invited kuya Paul to come meet us and no sooner than a blink of an eye did he arrive. I introduced the two and they were able to make nice conversation.

Alyssa had to leave since her boyfriend, AJ, just arrived back in MLA from out of town. And then there were two. Not for long though, as my beautiful friend Kyra wanted to get in on the little action, and by action I mean covnersation, we were having.

Ky had to leave at around 2am, but before doing so invited me and kuya Paul to have lunch over at their place on our routine Godparents BBQ. We graciously accepted. Ky went ahead. The boss-man and I were nowhere near tired so we decided to stay for a bit longer.

Overall, the night was splendid! And while my friends and I didn't party it up and stuck to our boring, lame selves and had coffee, we experienced something far more uplifting. So you all can have your champagne wishes and caviar dreams... we'd rather wish for coffee and dream of croissants.

Happy New Year, everyone. Love always,

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