Monday, November 14, 2011

Monopoly Drink

So a couple of days ago, my sister's friend, Sam, tweeted how to make monopoly deal into a drinking game. Having nothing else to do, I came up with an ingenious, if I may say so myself, ploy on how to put this into action.

To be the first to monopolize and complete 3 different sets of properties while under the influence of alcohol.

To begin, property cards as well as cash cards are your go-to safe bets. No one has to drink with any of these cards in motion. However, passing one of your three turns will have to be paid for by taking a shot.

Rule 1: Drink for every PASS GO you put down.

Rule 2: Drink with another player for FORCED DEALS.

Rule 3: Make person of your choice drink for SLY DEALS.

Rule 4: Everyone but you drinks whenever it's your BIRTHDAY.

Rule 5: Make person of your choice drink your next shot with DEBT COLLECTORS.

Rule 6: Prevent drinking and make someone else take the shot when you put down a JUST SAY NO.

Rule 7: Make person of your choice drink 2 shots for DEAL BREAKERS.

Rule 8: Make everyone drink 2 shots for DOUBLE THE RENT.

Sounds easy enough to remember, right? Try it out and don't forget to let me know how you fare!

And best of all... have fun, you crazy kids!

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