Monday, November 21, 2011

Worst Reactions P.1

If you've ever had one of those "I can totally see where this is going" moments followed inevitably by those "called it" moments, then you know that there are times in life when you know something is bound to happen, and even if all clues support your theory, and you feel it down to the marrow of your bones, you can't help but wish "don't happen, don't happen, don't happen... crap, it happened."

I'd like to think I'm a pretty clairvoyant person. I'm observant, I'm perceptive, and I like to watch a lot of things -- people and, as follows, their behavior, most especially. It's always been fascinating to me how many different people can react in so many different ways, all depending on their personality. As I got to thinking about this, I thought of the most stupid reactions I've ever seen on screen (it would probably happen in real life too, should the opportunity present itself.)

1. THE WALKING DEAD - Rick's reaction upon discovering Lori's attempt at abortion, and Lori and Shane's affair. I mean, seriously. I get it. I know Rick is, like, Officer Friendly, but there should be a law against someone being that calm, and that kind, and that nice, and that understanding; it makes everyone else look bad in comparison. And aside from that, it enables his whore of a wife and bastard of a bestfriend to indulge in this sort of unacceptable behavior. OK. YOU THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD. WE GET IT. Now shut up about it. I don't know what the writers were smoking when they decided to throw this love triangle into the mix. It seems like they didn't think the zombiepocalypse was enough drama.

2. THE WALKING DEAD - Which brings us to number 2, Dale's reaction to Shane and Andrea sleeping together. Hey writers, stop it. Dale is one of my favorite characters and I believe that he is such a good old man and all that, so stop it with the entire Dale having the hots for Andrea storyline. It was cute when he was more fatherly towards her, but now that you guys are bringing in elements of romance into the picture, it's just not as appealing. And also, why on earth did you have to make Andrea's character so extremely unlikable? It's almost as if there's not one single lovable female character in TWD. Are you guys mad at women or something?

3. BREAKING DAWN - Okay, where to begin? If I were to write about every single thing that annoyed me in this entire collection, I'd have to dedicate an entire series of posts to that and I'm just not willing. Not now, anyways. Maybe when I'm bored or feeling particularly feisty. For now, let's focus on the penultimate film, the first part of the 2-part finale. The first thing that really bothered me was Bella's parents' reaction to their 18 year old daughter getting married. No parent is gonna leap with joy at that. Already, we're off at a bad start. By the way, I'm probably gonna miss a lot of tiny annoying things here, so feel free to wait for another post on that in the future. I'm just trying to check things off the list here. Second, was that really how Bella reacted to having the dream wedding, all expenses paid? Kids, you know it's fiction when you get a gangly teenage girl to roll her eyes over someone wanting her to experience only the best, as if doing it just to humor everyone else. And then we have Jacob, her wolf BFF, howling over his lost love, and picking fights with the bridegroom for wanting to deflower his virgin wife. UHM, OKAY. I'm not even gonna touch on that subject. Next, we've got both Bella's and Edward's reaction to finding out they spawned this demon baby that they're eventually gonna name after the Loch Ness Monster. Oh and did I mention that Bella sorts of treats her new family like maids? And they're happy to play the part? Yeah. That happens.

So there you have it, the first 3 most annoying and bewildering expressions I've found on screen. Stay tuned for part 2!

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