Sunday, November 20, 2011


To push for more content, I've decided to record each and every movie I watch/ re-watch from here on in. I know that I have a tendency of not following through but I think this should be easy enough for me.

First movie goes to ...


Inventive Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry takes a surreal trip through the mind of an introverted but wildly creative man whose attempts to balance his colorful dreams with his stark reality are complicated by the arrival of a beautiful woman into his life. Shy Stephane (Gael Garca Bernal) has returned to his childhood hometown to accept a new job. When the prospective employment offer fails to live up to expectations, however, Stephane is at least comforted by the close bond he has formed with his creative-thinking neighbor Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Their blossoming romance finally awakens the sleeping confidence that the withdrawn Stephane was previously capable of displaying only in his dreams, but Stephane and Stephanie find their relationship challenged when lingering insecurities prompt the smitten visionary to confront an old dilemma that can't be solved by the Science of Sleep.

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