Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photodump: Bohemian Photoshoot

Here are some out-takes that I never got to post from a shoot Mack and I had last November for our good friend, Mochie's, portfolio.

Man, what a difference a year (or 10 months, to be precise) makes. Mack and I were so much bigger in frame back then.

Regarding the matching white polo photos at the end, it's actually a pretty sweet anecdote. You see, before the shoot, we were helping out facilitate a father-son bonding at the Ateneo campus. We literally took off during a break, had to get fixed up for the shoot, have the shoot, dress back down to the uniforms, and return to the event. That day, Mack and I learned what it was like to be productive. It was, all in all, a very good day.

I'm thinking of having one of the photos blown up and framed so I can put it on my wall. I still have to pick which photo though.

Anyways, I decided to post these just because (1) I was bored and the streaming for Parenthood is taking forever to buffer and (2) I miss Mack. She's been so busy with their indie film that I haven't had the chance to bond with her properly in a while. This girl and I seriously have the best and craziest adventures ever. It's why I love her.

Peace & All Good Things,

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