Monday, August 2, 2010

Photodump: Friends Issue I

kuya Paul Wenceslao's birthday celebration

The birthday boy and I

Joaney and I checkin' out the crowd at Republiq

Yours truly in the mix at Republiq

Beautiful girls all over the... well, you get the picture. Ran into Bea Estrella, Abby Punzalan, and Evonne Trinidad. Here pictured with the usual suspects: Joane, Mack, and Jenn.

Here's a picture of my heart shaped mole. Ate Niccole couldn't get over it so she took a photo during my Friday morning drop-in.

Here I am at ate Niccole's bed tweeting.

With 2 of my favorite girls, Criela and Kyra during Ky's despedida.

Showing off my flexing prowess. Haha!

Crazy antics. Photo courtesy of Jenn.

Jenn and I when we surprised Mack by arriving at precisely 12am on her birthday.

Showing off just how incapable I am of taking a decent photo. Here pictured with the ever so lovely Jenn.

Again with the silly.

I am aware I have way too much energy for a photo. Here posing with Belo at LJ's flat in Serendra.

This about sums up our friendship. I am always the mischievous one. Here with Criela, Kyra and Wendy.

Eating Myc's food is definitely one of our favorite past times.

Very attractive, Myc. Go get 'em, you heartthrob.

I miss you already, Mack.

Criela took this photo of me at home during a surprise visit from her and LJ.

Criela, Myc and I on one of our strange adventures.

Persian Square date with Ms. Criela. Mmmhm.

Coercing friends to meet up with Criela and myself.

Watching the World Cup Championship game with Kalvin and Mikaela. Go La Furia Roja!

AM and I donning red to show our support for the Spanish National Team. We bleed red. No, really.

Kalvin and I chillin' like the villains we are at Jenn's room.

That's it for now, folks. Watch out for the next wave of photos coming your way soon. For now, I need to rest because I've got an early start with work tomorrow. Wish me luck and lots of energy! The next batch will prominently feature Miss Mackenzie Molina's surprise birthday party and will aptly be called Photodump: Mack's Surprise Party.

Ciao, bellas!

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