Sunday, October 28, 2012

32 Of Life's Perfect Moments

Inspired by, and some copied off of, this THOUGHT CATALOG article.

1.Finding a DIY project so easy, plausible, and with materials so cheap you almost can't believe your luck!

2. Getting something you've already resigned yourself not to, and genuinely being surprised by it.

3. Calling a friend you miss dearly and them being available to meet you and catch up. You then spend the next 8 hours sitting down and laughing.

4. Accidentally running into friends on a day you look (and feel) fantastic!

5. Running into old friends while out for the evening and (after the screams of “OH MY GOD HEY OH MY GOD”) having them seamlessly join in with your group and have an amazing adventure together.

6. Nervously trying something new on a menu (instead of your reliable usual) and having it be absolutely delicious and become a new favorite.

7. Finding the perfect outfit at a price so low you just know it's meant, and been waiting, just for you!

8. Finding out that your favorite television show is bringing the entire cast back together for a movie.

9. Having your iPod randomly play a song so exactly in tune to how you're feeling that you can't help but sing along with it on the top of your lungs!

10. Getting an unexpected night off and having a line-up of favorite shows just waiting in queue for you to watch.

11. Discovering a new band whose music just resonates with you.

12. Turning on the tv just in time to catch an old favorite -- mostly of the chick-flick variety of the 90's such as Father Of The Bride or The First Wives Club.

13. Expecting a day to go very slowly and realizing that before you know it, it's time to head home!

14. Being late to something and freaking out about it, only to have the other person text you first and say that they, too, are going to be late.

15. Dancing with someone in the kitchen as the two of you make dinner together.

16. Finding a quiet moment in your week to just relax.

17. Realizing you overbudgeted for something and then having more cash than you expected after! (This is one reason why I overbudget.)

18. Finishing whatever you're knitting. And then seeing it worn by whoever you made it for. Seriously. This crack is fulfilling.

19. Meeting someone, starting a conversation with them, and realizing you have so much in common (OH MY GOD, YOU TOO? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!!)

20. Going to a concert and having every live performance of the song live up perfectly to your expectations of it based on the studio recording.

21. Seeing the JOY on your dog's face right as you enter the door.

22. Taking a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and having that drop in your stomach as the plane takes off where you feel the perfect mix of nervous about living up to your expectations and excited that you’re finally doing something you always said you would.

23. Getting that "THIS IS IT. THIS IS REALLY IT. SOMETHING SPECIAL AND EXCITING IS WAITING FOR ME AROUND THE CORNER" feeling right before you do something for the very first time.

24. Realizing you and your best friend have the means, time, and money to go to a foreign country together.

25. Seeing someone you love and have been away for quite awhile from walk through those gates at the airport and you're both stricken with so much joy that your breath momentarily catches on your throat and your heart squeezes. Time also slows down and in one of life's rare moments, you legitimately feel like you are in a movie.

26. Rainy days where you don't have to leave your bed at all.

27. Doing something you always said you would, but never thought you'd get around to.

28. Finding something you've been searching for FOREVER.

29. Checking your pockets and pulling out some cash you've forgotten long about.

30. Finding old pictures and letters then, consequently, spending an entire afternoon reminiscing and getting nostalgic.

31. Having something turn WAY BETTER than expected.

32. Looking at your room/ apartment/ house right after slaving away all day trying to get it clean and organized.