Thursday, October 18, 2012

Au Pair

You can take the girl out of her teens, but you can't take the teens out of the girl (or, for better wording, you can't take the girl's teens away from the girl.) Anyways, back when I was a teeny bopper, I had a penchant for watching and (secretly) loving each and every ABC tv movie I could get my fat, geeky hands on. Enter Au Pair. Au Pair, again, has the plot treatment of many before it. Still, one can't help but be delighted to watch something so unapologetically young, and, well, girly. A film to watch during a sleepover with your sisters, or bffs! And oh yeah, this made me want to be an Au Pair. Truth.

After months of unemployment, young MBA Jenny Morgan (Heidi Noelle Lenhart) applies for what she thinks is an administrative position with the firm owned by handsome business executive Oliver Caldwell (Gregory Harrison). Unforutnately, someone's signals have gotten crossed, and Jenny finds she has been hired as nanny for the widowed Caldwell's spoiled-brat kids Kate (Katie Volding) and Alex (Jake Dinwiddie). Despite her daunting lack of experience as a surrogate mom, Jenny manages to bond with the kids, who behave badly mainly because their dad doesn't spend any time with them. During a trip abroad, Kate and Alex decide to play matchmaker for Oliver and Jenny, even though both adults already have fianc├ęs. But taking into account that Kate's boyfriend Charlie (Michael Woolson) is an aimless dork and Oliver's intended Vivian (Jane Sibbert) is a bitch on wheels, it isn't hard to figure out how things will turn out. And if there are any doubts, just ask Caldwell's wry, all-knowing chauffeur Nigel Kent (John Rhys-Davies).