Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucky 7

I've loved Kimberly Williams-Paisley and her wide-eyed, girl-next-door, fresh, pretty face since I first saw her as Annie Banks in Father Of The Bride (something I must watch again soon!) Her sweet demeanor and friendly presence on screen is a welcome treat amidst a sea of boring, perfect, bland hollywood actresses. In 2003's Lucky 7, Kim stars as Amy, the well-meaning and perfectionist daughter of a widower whose wife lived long enough to provide their precocious daughter with a foolproof timeline and route to success. As Amy coasts through her well-time schedule, she meets a few bumps along the way and figures out that maybe spontaneity wouldn't be so bad and her mom didn't mean for her to take the map quite so literally. Lucky 7 is fast-paced, fun, and happy.

On her deathbed, Rachel Myer (Gail O'Grady) rallies long enough to provide her seven-year-old daughter Amy with a foolproof "timeline" to achieve great success in life. Growing up to become a prominent Seattle lawyer, Amy (played as an adult by Kimberly Williams-Paisley) has never gone wrong following her late mother's advice. Crucial to the timeline is her quest for the perfect husband. As pre-determined by her mom, the lucky man will have to be Amy's seventh boyfriend. Unfortunately, Amy has fallen deeply in love with Boyfriend Number Six, a good-looking, if somewhat pompous, young blade named Daniel (Brad Rowe). So as not to upset the continuum, Amy must shop around for an "alternate" number six, enabling Daniel to emerge as number seven. The man ultimately chosen for the express purpose of being dumped by Amy is Peter Connor (Patrick Dempsey), a former Wall Street broker now running a small bagel store.