Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Made Of Honor

It is no secret that I advocate romance comedies in all its simplistic glory. Truly, I am one of the last few true blue romantics. The head-in-the-cloud, bubblegum, cookie cutter, cue in a happy Natalie Cole song in the background while I float on thinking of which scenes to put in a montage type of romantic. I will try any rom-com flick, be it one that came out 6 decades ago, or one that came out 6 days ago. And so, against my better judgment, I put on Made Of Honor because it is one of the very few ones that I couldn't bring myself to sit through. This god-awful film is really the reason why one of my favorite genres is looked at so appallingly in most circles. Phoooey! Patrick Dempsey, whom I loved in Sweet Home Alabama, really scraped the barrel with this one. Made Of Honor is a poor man's version of My Bestfriend's Wedding and is severely lacking in the magic its predecessor held.

A handsome and successful bachelor is taken aback when his dream girl asks him to be the "maid" of honor in her upcoming wedding in this romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. Tom (Dempsey) and Hannah (Monaghan) have been best friends for years. Though all the hard times, Hannah has been the one constant in Tom's life, and the one person he knows he can always rely on. When Hannah leaves for a six-week business trip in Scotland, Tom is surprised to realize how truly lonely he is without her. Life just isn't the same without Hannah around, so the moment she returns, Tom resolves to ask for her hand in marriage. But apparently Hannah's trip wasn't all business, because upon returning home Hannah announces that she has gotten engaged to a dashing Scotsman and will soon be starting a new life overseas. She's convinced that Tom will be thrilled for her, and wants him to play a crucial role in the wedding. His spirits crushed but his love for Hannah stronger than ever before, Tom reluctantly agrees to be the "maid" of honor so that he can prove his love in no uncertain terms and convince her to call off the wedding before true happiness slips through his fingers.