Thursday, October 18, 2012

Northanger Abbey

Felicity Jones shines in Northanger Abbey as the film's wildly imaginative heroine, Catherine Morland. With nary a flaw at hand, her grasp on her character is ironclad that you often feel the need to go off with her on one of her daydreams and musings. In support, J.J. Field's Henry Tilney, with his kind eyes and smiling face, offers the ideal male counterpart to Jones's wide-eyed wonder and Carey Mulligan's spot on performance and the selfish and shallow Isabella Thorpe makes you want to slap her. Bravo!

Felicity Jones and J.J. Feild star in this made for television adaptation of Jane Austen's easygoing parody of gothic fiction concerning a hopeless romantic drawn into a mysterious relationship. Catherine Morland (Jones) longs for the day that a dashing gentleman will finally sweep her off her feet. Upon receiving an invitation to a lavish medieval home deep in the countryside, Catherine allows her most lurid fantasies to wash over her. Later, as Catherine sets out to explore the sprawling mansion, she forms a friendship with Henry Tilney (Feild) - the youngest son of the estate. Much to Catherine's disappointment, however, their blossoming romance is soon stifled under shadowy circumstances.