Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love And Mary

Apart from my undying need to watch each and every romantic comedy set forth on our land, as well as boredom with nary a book to read nor movie in mind to watch, I can not give you any other reason as to why I took it upon myself to put Love And Mary on. I can't even remember how I came across the title. It wasn't bad, it was just... unremarkable. It could be because I didn't see much of myself in the protagonist (and considering how she's a baker who is obsessed with adopting a sophisticated air about her -- we might have been bosom buddies!), but I really just found her to be pesky at worst, boring at best. Still, I was quite surprised that I found Gabriel Mann to be cute in this film! Brunette obviously suits him better.

A woman pulling a minor scam to keep her dream business alive digs herself in deeper when she becomes involved with a goofy ex-con in this independent comedy from first-time director Elizabeth Harrison. Mary Wilson (Lauren German) was born and raised in Texas, but by the time she became an adult she'd grown tired of her off-the-wall family and moved East to build a career for herself. Mary is an expert chef who has opened an upscale bakeshop, but some bad press and a severe rent increase could put her out of business. Desperate to keep the store afloat, Mary decides to bite the bullet and go back to Texas for a visit; her plan is to bring along her fiancé Brent (Gabriel Mann), introduce him to her folks, and hope their engagement gifts will bring enough cash to pay off her creditors. However, a severe allergic reaction prevents Brent from going; Mary can't afford to postpone the trip, so she brings along Brent's twin brother Jake (also played by Mann), an irresponsible jailbird, to impersonate her intended as she pumps her family for money.