Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I watched Excision because I wanted to pay tribute to Halloween-month without outright watching horror, coward that I am. Annalynne McCord makes a brilliant turn as the delusional albeit well-meaning teen outcast in Excision, Richard Bates Jr.'s take on dark comedy. The scenes where our young anti-heroine talks to God is a particular favorite of mine, but the rest of the movie came to me with the shock value of a thousand watt taser. Consequently, I can not decide whether I enjoyed this film or not. The only thing for certain is that I don't regret watching this film, sick to my stomach as it made me. Oh, and the "de-prettyfying" of Annalynne in this film is hilarious. Also, Jeremy Sumpter will always be Peter Pan. The scene where he goes down on her though... euck.

A surgery-obsessed teen struggles with her outcast status while plotting to lose her virginity and save her sister from the ravaging effects of cystic fibrosis in this genre-bending shocker from writer/director Richard bates, Jr. Pauline (Annalynne McCord) is a pretty young girl whose penchant for picking scabs has escalated into a fanatical obsession with the flesh. Recognizing this, Pauline's stern mother insists that the young girl visit the church therapist for counseling. Incensed at the prospect of being judged by a religious hypocrite, Pauline only delves deeper into her visceral fantasies while concocting an ingenious plan to impress her mother. Meanwhile, as Pauline begins devising ways to combat her younger sister's cystic fibrosis, her adolescent hormones kick into overdrive.